Lab Formal Report 2nd trimester by 6195nl1


									Science Lab Formal Report: 5% of total grade           2nd Trimester

Due Date: Week from the 6th to the 10th of August. One report per couple that worked together.
You can do it individually if you prefer. If you are going to do it in a group of three (only if you
worked with that same group during the lab) you need to include extra section.

Late reports lose 20% per day. You will need to type it and print it (no email). If you are sick
or forget it, make arrangements so that I can get it on time. Careful about plagiarism!

Report is about the Forces Lab. It should be at least five pages long, not counting the title page,
font size 12 points. The parts of the report are:

   1. Title Page
   2. Introduction and Objectives (do not repeat the same objectives already given to you)
   3. Theoretical Framework (at least three pages)
      Include background theoretical information and definitions that are pertinent to the
      experiment and that will allow you to better accomplish the objectives. Define the
      concept of force, include a definition and a small picture of the instruments used to
      measure force, and describe common forces that typically act on objects or bodies. Also
      define the laws by Newton and give two examples of real life situations for each Newton
      law (6 examples total). You are expected to do research for this part. Make sure to use at
      least three different sources of information.
   4. Materials
      List everything needed to complete your experiment.
   5. Methodology
      Describe the steps you completed during the lab. It may be appropriate to include a
      diagram of experiment.
   6. Results
      Include the data that you obtained and recorded from performing the lab. It is very useful
      to present it in a table or diagram, if this makes sense. Do not interpret the data yet. This
      should be done in the discussion section.
   7. Discussion and Conclusions
      In this section you interpret the data and analyze your results or your general comments
      about the Lab. You should explain the mistakes you may have made and how you could
      improve your performance or the experiment itself. Conclude with another paragraph
      that sums up what happened in the experiment. Did you accomplish the objectives?
   8. References
      Cite the appropriate bibliographical references, particularly for theoretical information.
   9. ONLY for groups of three: In addition to previous work, include a separate page where
      you describe the life and major accomplishments, as well as interesting data about Sir
      Isaac Newton. DO NOT do copy and paste for this section, or you will lose 20% of the
      final grade. You need to read, and then summarize what you read, write it down using
      different wording, etc.

       At the end of report, include a table where you decide how to distribute the final grade among
       the members of your group. If the two of you worked the same, each one gets 50%.

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