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					ZMA 11-01
Willowbrook Road Zoning Map Correction
January 17, 2012
   Staff discovered a conflict in the on-line Zoning Map labels for the
    Willowbrook Road R-O Zone on August 2, 2011
        Errant label identifies the area as zoned B-H, when the approved zoning is R-O
   The error was traced to a commuter data base labeling glitch that occurred
    when the maps were updated between 2008 and 2011.
   The error affects 24 lots of record along Willowbrook & Old Willowbrook
    Roads, encompassing, among others:
      Western Maryland Hospital
      Allegany College
      Allegany County Health Department Complex
      Cumberland Meadows

   Since MD Law does not provide for technical map corrections, a formal
    rezoning of the property was deemed necessary to correct the Zoning Map
   The Planning Commission conducted a public hearing on this petition on
    October 17, 2011 and recommends approval
   Staff researched the annexations for all properties to determine original
    zoning designations
      Willowbrook Road Annexation – June 13, 1997 – Zoned R-O
      Mitchell Property Annexation – August 1, 2003 – Zoned R-O

   Staff researched the 2008 Comprehensive Rezoning to confirm that no
    change to the original zoning was contemplated
   Staff determined that the labeling error occurred between the first zoning
    of the official map in 2008 and an updated version of the same map in
   No rezoning petition for any of the affected properties was filed during that
   The color coding of the affected zone on all zoning maps (both before and
    after the error occurred) depicts the area as zoned R-O
   Only the label on the 2011 map identifies the area as zoned B-H
   The need for the rezoning action was caused by a computer error in
    the Official Zoning Map
   No action was taken by the City to zone the affected areas B-H
   No petitions for rezoning of the affected properties have been filed
   The requested rezoning will not affect any uses currently built on
    the affected properties
   The proposed rezoning is consistent with the City’s Comprehensive
    Plan and the original zoning of the area at annexation
   Staff recommends approval of the proposed rezoning

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