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					                      Formal report – 7th grade
5% of laboratory grade

Date due: August 16. No late reports are allowed. You should send your report during
that day or before, to my email address
Topic: Lab done on week July 26-30 or August 3-6.
You should include:
    1. Introduction
       Introductions are important. They arouse a reader’s interest, introduce the
subject and tackle the importance of the experiment. You should write your question
and some background information about the experiment or subject you are studying
on it.
       Sometimes it helps to construct several mini- outlines to organize your ideas
and the information you want to use. For the background information you should use
different bibliography to support your information.
       Use information from books, web pages and magazines.

    2. Methodology
       Methods are explained in this part. You should start with the main objectives of
your experiment. Then you should write all the steps you followed to make the
experiment, and the materials you used. It is better to use bullets for this part.

    3. Results
       You should write the results you obtained from the experiment. Use tables and
graphics according to the results you got on the lab. This part is like a review of what
you obtained. Be organized!!!

    4. Discussion
The discussion section is for comment on and explanation of the results. It includes:
Explanation of results: the writer comments on whether or not the results were
expected, and presents explanations for the results, particularly for those that are
unexpected or unsatisfactory.
References to previous research: comparison of the results with those reported in the
literature or use of the literature to support a claim, hypothesis or deduction.
Deduction: a claim for how the results can be applied more generally (a conclusion
based on reasoning from the results, e.g. if you measure the pressure with different
tools you are able to get more precise results.
Hypothesis: a more general claim or possible conclusion arising from the results (which
will be proved or disproved in later research).
The most important is that you explain your mistakes, the results you got and why you
got them.
    5. Bibliography
       For discussion and introduction you should have bibliography to support your
information. Please use other bibliography than web pages; you can search on books,
magazines or science papers. Remember to write it in the proper way; you learned
how to write it. If you don’t remember, don’t hesitate on asking me or any other

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