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					Elizabeth Potoa’e, Doctor
8808 Potter Lane SE
Mycal, WA 851290
(888) 550 / 6132

Dear Madame President,

I hope you are doing well. I am writing this letter to share with you a personal conflict
that occurred to me as I was in Indonesia. It all started the day I was reading an article in
the newspaper, about the children in Indonesia. It was explaining the work they do over
there, and the many deaths due to consequences of child labor. That was the sole purpose
of me going to Indonesia in the first place; I was intrigued by the article and wanted to
check it out. I flew there with a couple of my friends, and spent the majority of my time
simply driving around, taking note of the surroundings. One day, driving, I saw a young
boy on the side of the street carrying a bag that was almost as big as him. I stopped the
car, got out, and approached him. He eyed my suspiciously and continued walking. I
offered to help him, but he refused. I asked for his name, and he said ‘Budi Santoso.’ He
asked me to buy a newspaper, but I didn‘t pay any mind to what he was saying. I asked
him where his parents were, and he explained to me that his parents have never made a
presence in his life; his mom dying from the difficulty of his birth and his father selling
him to a random worker. The worker went by the name of Dian, and Budi was only six. I
am writing this letter to ask you to help me adopt Budi. I am sure it won’t be the easiest
job, but after what I’ve seen, and heard, I’m willing to do as much as I possibly can for

Under the care of Dian, Budi started out doing simple tasks like delivering fruit from
market to market, and cleaning up after people. When he turned 8 he started going out to
sell newspapers. Everyday, he wakes up at 7 a.m., to sell newspapers, with ripped and
ragged clothing. It is now a year later and Budi is nine years old; his job is still the same.
He is to sell a certain number of newspapers a day or he is badly punished. The boy has
an infinite number of bruises and scars displayed across his body. I was utterly dismayed
at the state this young boy was in; a young boy that lost both his parents and deprived of
love and care. And the condition he’s in! He has no shirt, exposing the scars. And his
pants are tore and way too big. For two years now, this boy has been out on the streets of
Indonesia, wandering around, BAREFOOT, trying to sell newspapers to people that don’t
even care. Budi sleeps on rock ground, with an extremely thin blanket and is barely ever
fed. He is now 4’5” and weighs about 70 pounds.

Talking to this poor child, it was clear that he has nothing, and no one. I was heartbroken,
listening to this boy reminisce on all the pain and hurt he’s been through in his few years
of living. The things he told me that his master did was just terrible. He would beat him
with sticks that were sharpened daily, and Budi would get kicked unmercifully. Like I
mentioned before, he has so much bruises all over his small figure.

Now, if I’m not mistaken, your organization does not condone such treatment. There are
various laws infringed, in Budi’s case. According to

In adopting this child, my husband and I intend to provide him with health insurance,
education, and a safe home to live in with a loving environment. Plus, adding that I am a
doctor, his health will be of great importance--guaranteeing whatever he needs to grow
and improve his current condition. An education, is a priority. He’s still young, and has
so much to learn. He’ll be able to go to school, and make new friends like any other
normal kid. Seeing that he’s been isolated from any sort of companionship. And not only
will we show him the unconditional love he’s been longing for, but we’ll treat him as if
he were our own and help him build trust in us. We will have patience with him, and not
rush him into getting too deep with us; the hurt he must have went through, and still is
going through, with the knowledge of his own father selling him I wouldn’t expect her to
just hand her trust over. And with my husband, being an elementary counselor, it will be
easy to keep an eye on him at school.

So, President, I can assure you that Budi will be taken good care of. I realize that you
have the power, or maybe if not the power, than an impact, on these kind of situations.
With that, I come to you, with high hopes, to please help me adopt this unfortunate child.
I encourage you to help me, help him. Budi, is a child in need of help; help to a door
leading to a better life. Please contribute to bettering this young boy‘s life and
brightening his future. No one, especially a young child still developing, should have to
suffer like this. He needs to be cared for, and to be loved. Every child should have good
health, a good shelter and an opportunity to a successful life. Please, I ask you, do
whatever you can, and whatever is necessary to contribute to bettering the life of this
unfortunate child that lost everything. It would mean so much to me.

Thank you for your time.


Elizabeth Potoa’e
Andrea Morgan, High School Teacher
1402 S. 90th St. Ct.
Tacoma, WA 98444

Dear Madam President,

I am writing to you because I want to adopt a child from your website. I was on vacation
in Nigeria, Africa over Christmas and I came in contact with a 5 year old in a carpet
factory, if that is what you want call it. I couldn’t get this child off my mind and I asked
around the neighborhood and they told me that the child was up for adoption on the ILO

This little boy I want to adopt is named Isoboke Mogaga and he is struggling in the carpet
factory each day. He is all of 42 pounds and 46 inches tall. He looks malnourished
because his belly is bloated and his ribs are showing. The owner told me that his parents
abandoned him when he was two because they could not handle another child. He comes
from a family of fourteen.
I am a compassionate person that wants to help children and it just broke my heart how
Isoboke was living. I work at a high school and teach world history and know the
struggles of Africa and human rights abuses around the world.

This factory owner is violating human rights with Isoboke through Article 4 which
clearly states that slavery is illegal, Article 25 which states


Andrea Morgan
Jamar Williams, Oncologist, M.D.
8517 Hampton Lane SW
New York, New York 98382

Greetings President Morgan,
This letter is directed towards the adoption of Adebowale Musupiae, a five year old
native male of Guinea-Bissau (photo # 6). He’s very small for his age, as any other child
laborer would be, has short black hair, and has dark brown eyes. Currently, his parents’
whereabouts are unknown and it is unidentified whether he has any other siblings;
however it is assumed that he does not.
At this moment in time he is working as a carpet maker. Every single day he lives
through the misery and torment of breathing in the dust, lint, and other hazardous
materials that can harm his small, fragile, growing body. This is the only means of him
being able to survive as an outside-the-family child laborer. He works from early in the
morning to late at night in order to make an item we privileged human beings consider an
accessory to our homes. He travels approximately 4 miles everyday to his workplace
barefoot by 7:00 in order to not deserve a “punishment” by his master. As a result he his
feet are badly bruised and cut and also suffers from malnutrition. If he continues to
follow the path he pursues eventually he will die from respiratory disease or lung failure
before or at the age of 20. A young boy such as him does not deserve that fate. He has so
much potential to become something so much more rewarding and extraordinary. This
potential must not go to waste.

According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 24 states that every
human being has the right to leisure and reasonable work hours. Article 23 affirms that
everyone has the right to free choice of employment, and just and favorable conditions of
work. Article 25 asserts that everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for
the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing
and medical care and necessary social services. And last but not least, everyone has the
right to education and education shall be directed to the full development of the human
personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental
freedoms. All of these rights are being violated in Adebowale’s case. He needs a safe
warm suitable home to reside and be an actual five year old boy. He needs food and
water. But most of all, what he needs the most is the care, unconditional love, and support
that only I can give him.

The only way for me to give him these things is for the ILO to agree to let him become
my adoptee. If here were to become my child, I would give him all the proper physical,
spiritual, and mental things that a human being deserves. I also plan to take an absence
from work to help him through the transition as much as I possibly can. I’ll send him to
school every day and enroll him in extracurricular activities that will facilitate him to
grow into a wonderful, extraordinary person. Help me save his life. Please take my plea
as to adopting Adebowale into serious consideration. If by any chance I shall be denied,
please send an ILO investigator to investigate Adebowale’s situation. Thank you for your
time and concern.

Jamar Williams

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