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					Appendix A
Position Comparison Chart
                           Practicum/Field Study                     Internship                   Assistantship
Responsibility Level    Applicable training experience    Practical training or              An entry level position
                        with prominent academic           participation in the design,       with a structured
                        course connection with            implementation and                 coaching atmosphere.
                        structured supervision.           evaluation of a project or
                                                          multiple projects with
                                                          structured supervision.
Schedules/Time          Dependent upon course             In general, on site hours (per     Positions are generally
commitment              requirements and determined       the Grad School) should equal      a 25% time= 10 hrs or a
                        by academic department            100 minutes/week for each          50% time= 20 hrs
                        (should be clearly listed in      credit earned (i.e. 1 credit=      weekly. Hours and
                        syllabus).                        100 minutes; 3 credits= 300        schedule should be
                                                          minutes; 6 credits= 600            clearly articulated and
                                                          minutes). Students can earn        transparent; they
                                                          up to 6 credits for an             should be intentional
                                                          internship.                        and deliberate based on
                                                                                             assignment to maximize
                                                                                             learning and meet
                                                                                             organizational needs.
Academic Component      Always tied to a class; meet in   As the student requests or         Rarely officially tied to
                        class to discuss the experience   requires academic credit may       coursework, but must
                        with a cohort. May be a           be given. Academic                 meet University of
                        student outside of the Univ. of   requirement varies by              Minnesota admission
                        Minn., but must be enrolled in    department, but usually            and enrollment
                        a grad program at an              includes supervisor check-ins      standards.
                        accredited college or             with a faculty member and
                        university.                       does not include a class
                                                          component. May be a student
                                                          outside of the Univ. of Minn.,
                                                          but must be enrolled in a grad
                                                          program at an accredited
                                                          college or university.
Employer/Employee       Not necessary to have an          Not necessary to have an           Employer/Employee
Relationship            employer/employee                 employer/employee                  relationship always
                        relationship.                     relationship. In for-credit        exists.
                                                          instances, students will also be
                                                          supervised by a faculty
                                                          member from their sponsoring
Learning Contract/Job   Learning contract on front        Learning contract on front         Requires a formal job
Description             end; usually determined by        end; if not required by            description since this is
                        academic course. Should           academic component,                an employment
                        outline goals, outcomes, and      necessary to create one.           position outlining job
                        competencies to be developed.     Should outline goals,              expectations and job
                                                          outcomes, project details, and     duties. Create a learning
                                                          competencies to be developed.      contract to determine
                                                                                             goals, outcomes, and
                                                                                             competencies to be
Appendix A, cont.        Practicum/Field Study                   Internship                      Assistantship
Performance Review   Dependent upon course             Review based upon initial           Should be the same
Process              requirements and determined       learning contract (if the           process as used for
                     by academic department            position is for credit the          fulltime staff members
                     (should be clearly listed in      course may also dictate the         and based upon job
                     syllabus). Should include both    review process). Should             duties, job expectations,
                     course instructor and site        include the internship              competencies, and
                     supervisor.                       supervisor (if for credit,          learning contract
                                                       student should also be              objectives. At a
                                                       reviewed by course                  minimum GAs should
                                                       instructor). At a minimum           be reviewed at mid-
                                                       interns should be reviewed at       experience and end-of-
                                                       mid-experience and end-of-          experience given
                                                       experience given the                structured coaching
                                                       structured supervisory nature       nature of the position.
                                                       of the position.
Compensation         Not necessarily financially       Not necessarily financially         Hourly pay range is
                     compensated. Stipends are         compensated. Stipends are           $17.08-26.61 (FY11).
                     possible for these positions,     possible for these positions,       Tuition and benefits
                     but must be in line with Fair     but must be in line with Fair       packaged based upon
                     Labor Standards Act regarding     Labor Standards Act regarding       percentage of
                     type of employment and pay        type of employment and pay          appointment. For
                     range. Stipends are               range. Stipends are                 clarification and
                     determined by a base              determined by a base                confirmation of current
                     comparison of the prevailing      comparison of the prevailing        policy, contact Susan at
                     wage in the market (in this       wage in the market (in this         cable003@umn.edu.
                     instance the prevailing wage      instance the prevailing wage
                     used is the compensation rate     used is the compensation rate
                     for Graduate Assistants). Any     for Graduate Assistants). Any
                     stipends exceeding the            stipends exceeding the
                     minimum is indicative of an       minimum is indicative of an
                     employee relationship and the     employee relationship and the
                     intern/practicum participant      intern/practicum participant
                     must be compensated in            must be compensated in
                     accordance with University of     accordance with University of
                     Minnesota and the federal         Minnesota and the federal
                     minimum wage. (See Appendix       minimum wage. (See Appendix
                     F). The Office of Human           F). The Office of Human
                     Resources, the Office for the     Resources, the Office for the
                     General Counsel, and the          General Counsel, and the
                     University’s Tax Office are       University’s Tax Office are
                     developing a framework to         developing a framework to
                     guide colleges/departments/       guide colleges/departments/
                     units in making decisions on      units in making decisions on
                     stipends (e.g. appropriate use    stipends (e.g. appropriate use
                     and amount.). For clarification   and amount.). For clarification
                     and confirmation of current       and confirmation of current
                     policy, contact Susan at          policy, contact Susan at
                     cable003@umn.edu.                 cable003@umn.edu.
Other notes                                            If they band-out as a fulltime
                                                       student, the credits are free for
                                                       the intern.

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