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									NOTE: This spec could possibly be used on all projects. It helps answer the question of MAPA and
also improve communication. Our office has different views on whether this spec should be used or
not. We look forward to hearing your views.

S-1               PARTNERING
                  Partnering is a process for building teamwork and cooperation between groups of people
that will be working together to construct a project. The objective of Partnering on this project is to
develop a proactive effort and spirit of trust, respect, and cooperation among all key stakeholders.

                   Although Partnering through the use of a third party facilitator is not required on this
project, the implementation of Partnering through a less formal procedure is encouraged. The partnering
relationship will be structured to draw on the strengths or each organization to identify and achieve
common goals.

                   At the pre-construction meeting, the key stakeholders will develop objectives that are
effective and efficient to completion of the project within budget, on schedule and in accordance with the
contract. This meeting will establish:

          Communication procedures
          A dispute resolution process, including the development of a dispute resolution ladder
          A partnering checklist to be reviewed at project meetings (if applicable). The checklist should
                 contain items such as Quality, Communication, Issue Resolution, Team and Work
                 Relationships, and Schedule.

NOTE: The following paragraph is to be used only on projects with frequent project meetings

                   The informal partnering process will be conducted as part of the regularly scheduled
project meetings or at events that require additional partnering sessions. These meetings should include
primarily project level personnel with frequent visits from both Department and Contractor middle
management. The meetings should review the partnering checklist and identify actions that need to be
escalated up the dispute resolution ladder. All costs associated with partnering at the pre-construction
meetings and regularly scheduled project meetings shall be incidental.

                  If the Contractor and Department determine that a third party facilitator would enhance
the Partnering process, the Contractor shall make all arrangements to hire a Partnering facilitator and
provide a suitable meeting location for the workshops. The length of time devoted to the workshop, along
with the content for the workshop, will be determined by a cooperative effort between the Contractor and
the Engineer. Mn/DOT will supply a list of approved facilitation companies to the Contractor. Other
companies may be considered for facilitation with prior approval from the Mn/DOT’s Contract
Administration Engineer. All costs associated with the Partnering workshops will be shared equally
between the State and the Contractor. No additional allowance will be provided to the Contractor for the
cost associated with paying these bills and submitting the bills to the State for later partial reimbursement.

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