Minutes of the Education Subcommittee by 6195nl1


									                           Minutes of the Education Subcommittee
                          Of the Stark County Drainage Task Force

                                      September 16, 2004

Place: Stark Parks Fichtner Center: 12:30 pm.

Present: Jan Lukens, Pam Feagler, Eric Akin, Mary Hultman.

Old Business:
    Eric has posted some pictures of the June 2004 flooding on the web site. He still needs
      pictures of the July 2003 floods, if anyone has some to share.

      The unanswered questions from the web site were forwarded to Bob Fonte through Alicia
      Eric distributed copies of a Repository article from August 13, 2004 listed current county
       drainage projects. He has added these to the web site. No one from this subcommittee
       knew of any new ones to add.
      Pam suggested an “FYI” page giving the basic formulas of how to determine how much
       water runs off of the average suburban / rural lot, so that individual lot owners can
       calculate how much impact their personal property has on the local drainage systems.
      Pam did not send out the letters of invitation to the municipal officials. Instead, Bob
       Fonte wants to plan an annual comprehensive Task Force Meeting to which these same
       officials can be invited. The members of the Education Subcommittee now feel that our
       role should be limited to getting drainage information out to the general public, and allow
       the members of the master Task Force to set up all formal informational meetings. We
       can use our time more fruitfully expanding the web site and developing speakers’ bureau
       programs, such as: Drainage Law; Personal Property Management, (including rain
       gardens); Being a Piece of the Puzzle; Flooding 101; Personal Pollution; Backyard
       Buffers; Responsible Landscaping; etc. We need to determine what our market will be,
       (schools, civic groups, garden clubs, etc.), to develop the program content.

New Business: None.

Next Meeting: Thursday October 21, 2004. 12:30 pm at the Fichtner Center in Hartville.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary E. Hultman

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