Boxwoods and Taxus by 6195nl1


  Broadleaf, deer-resistant evergreen great for hedging. Tolerates
   some shade. Slow growing. Fertilizer: Hollytone for acid-loving
Green Velvet: Most popular cultivar. Rounded shape, holds color
in winter. Mature size: 4’ X 4’
Green Gem: Very small leaves in a tight, compact plant. Grows
into globe. Mature size: 2’ X 2’
Winter Beauty: Korean variety. Copper tinges on winter leaves.
Very hardy. Mature size: 3’-4’.
Winter Gem: Rapid-growing, larger leafed variety. Mature size: 3’-
Green Mountain: Upright, pyramidal selection. Good alternative
to Alberta Spruce. Mature size: up to 6’
     Affordable multi-purpose evergreen. Good for foundation
    plantings and hedging. *Should not be trimmed with hedge
          shears. Fertilizer: Hollytone for acid-loving plants.
Densiformis: Spreading form. Mature size up to 9’ X 12’
Hicksii: Upright, columnar form. Mature size 15’ X 15’
Wardii: Wide-spreading with flat-topped habit. Slow growth. 5’ tall
X 10’ wide.
Everlow: Dense, low-growing spreader. Mature size: 12’ tall X 5’
Baccata ‘Repandens’:weeping English yew. Refined look. Mature
size: Up to 4’ tall X 15’ wide
Capitata: Slow growing large pyramidal form. Good formal or
anchor plant.

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