This letter applies to the termination of registration for by dtUV4Lx


									  This letter applies to the termination of registration for students registered on Research
                                     Degrees (MPhil/ PhD)


<title> <forename> <surname>


Also sent by email: <use RHUL email address>

Dear <title> <surname>,

First Formal Warning

It has been brought to my attention that <insert reason for dissatisfaction>. I am
therefore writing to issue you with a first formal warning. The implications of this for you,
and a description of the formal warning process, are set out in the College’s Research
Degree Regulations, Section 10

From now on I expect you to:
i)     attend the following research skills training courses: <list courses>;
ii)    submit a revised chapter;
iii)    or insert any other requirements that are achievable in the short term.
NB Adapt as appropriate

If you fail to meet these conditions in the next four weeks (a longer period may be felt to
be more appropriate, such as 8 weeks – 4 weeks is the minimum for full-time students;),
you will be issued with a second (final) formal warning, which could lead to the
termination of your registration as a research student at the College.

You have the opportunity to submit a written response to this letter. Alternatively, if you
wish to discuss this matter with me, please arrange to do so by <date: give deadline of a
week from data of letter>. You may be accompanied at this meeting by another
student or member of staff of the College. If there are circumstances affecting your
performance, which you wish to bring to the attention of the Department/School, you
must submit supporting documentary evidence to the Departmental/School Office by
<date: give deadline of a week from date of letter>. You will jeopardise your case if you
fail to submit documentary evidence at this stage. Requests for special consideration will
not be considered retrospectively and the private or confidential nature of
circumstances will not later be accepted as grounds for appeal. If you wish to seek
advice outside the Department/ School, you might consider contacting the Students’
Union Welfare Office, the Counselling Service, the Health Centre or the Educational
Support Office as appropriate.

This warning will remain active for the duration of your current programme of study with
the College, unless set aside formally in accordance with Section 10, paragraph 4 of the
Research Degree Regulations.

Yours sincerely,

<title> <forename> <surname>
(Head of Department/ School or Director of Graduate Studies if Head is member of
student’s supervisory team)

cc:     <title> <forename> <surname>, Supervisor
        <title> <forename> <surname>, Supervisor (in the case of joint supervision)
        <title> <forename> <surname>, Advisor
        <title> <forename> <surname>, Director of Graduate Studies
        Student Administration Centre, Registry
        Head of Support and Advisory Services
        Departmental Student File
< Must send to SFA or PG Administrator in other department/ school where there is joint


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