Homosepiens sepians �WE� by dtUV4Lx


									        CREATIVE THINKING

What is creative thinking and what is its
importance for us?
 Homosepiens sepians
”We” are different from all other
  creatures of the kingdom.
    Many will think that it is because
•   Talk
•   Communicate
•   Live in a social form
•   Organised and hirarchial
•   Adaptation
•   Think ????
• We are not alone in thinking

• But waht thinking is in reality
            WE think different

• We think in two dimentions
  – Vertical ”Analytical thinking”
  – Lateral ”Creative thinking”
         Analytical thinking
• Formal education emphasizes the skills of
  analysis. Understand the claim, follow a
  logical argument, figure out the answer,
  eleminate the incorrect and focus on the
  correct one.
          Creative thinking

• Explore ideas, generate possibilities and
  look for many right answers and soluions
  rather than just one
             Creativity is
• An ability
    - to imagine or invent something new,
     not out of nothing but generate new
      ideas by combining, changing or
       simply reapplying existing ideas
• An attitude
  – Ability to accept changes and newness
  – Play with ideas and possibilities
  – Enjoying the good while looking for ways to
    improve it
• A process
  – To work hard and continuous to improve
    ideas and solutions
  – Making gradual alterations and refinements to
    the work since there is always room for
 Examples for creative thinking
• Henry Ford – idividual

• Mahatma Ghandi - nation

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