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Senuke XCr Reviews


									Senuke XCr Released Early to Limited JV Partners for Early Reviews
Rick Porter has received an early release of Senuke XCr so that he can prepare a
comprehensive review of the software for the official release on September 19th.
Barrington, Rhode Island (PRWEB) September 16, 2012 -- The official release of Senuke XCr isn't until
Wednesday September 19th, however some JV partners have been lucky enough to get an early release so that
they can put together comprehensive Senuke XCr reviews for the launch.

Early Senuke XCr reviewers are anxious to get into the newest version of this powerful link building software.
The most anticipated new feature of the link building behemoth is the announcement of Senuke XCr's
"Crowdsourcing" feature, which enables users to use the powerful macrorecorder to teach Senuke XCr how to
submit to any website on the internet and then share that script within a community of others. With
crowdsourcing there will be no limitations to the amount of websites that users of Senuke XCr can add to their
link building campaigns.

Senuke XCr has also included new platforms like Wiki sites, PDF doc share websites, and Wordpress blog
network sites for power users with their own blog networks.

With the software having so much power there is a lot of skepticism as to whether automated link building
software can survive Google's unleashing of zoo animals like the infamous Panda and Penguin. Link building
expert Rick Porter recently stated, "With great link building power, comes great link building responsibility."
What he means is that as with any powerful tool it must be used correctly to gain the enormous advantages that
it can give a business.

Rick also said, "I have been using Senuke X as an effective tool for 3 separate online businesses that earn in
excess of six figures each. I've been waiting for months to apply the new powerful features of Senuke XCr to
take those same businesses to the next level while building even more."

Rick Porter got his copy of Senuke XCr for review late last night and is currently evaluating the new features.
He will be updating his website with a full Senuke XCr review right here:

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