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									              Writing a letter
• Formal:                 • Informal:
*Business letters         *Letters to friends
*Letters of application   *Letters to people you
*Letters to people you      know on a first-name-
  don’t know by name         basis
                    Letter formats (1)
My address                   Marterstraat 45
                             6531 KA Nijmegen
                             The Netherlands

Your name and address        Jim Jones
                             10 Downing Street
                             London W1
                             United Kingdom

Date                         10/24/2010

Salutation                   Dear Mr Jones,

Text of my letter            Text of my letter

                             Yours sincerely,
Close                        T. Eacher
             Letter formats (2)
                                              Marterstraat 45
              My address                      6531 KA Nijmegen
Your name                  Jim Jones          the Netherlands
                           10 Downingstreet
                           London W1
                           United Kingdom
              Date                            10/24/2010
                           Dear Mr Jones,

Text                       Text

Close                      Yours sincerely,
                           T. Eacher
Formal letter:            Informal:
Formal language:          *Informal language can
*no slang, no street         be used, depending
  English                    on who you are
*no abbreviations: I’m,      writing to
  he’s, write the full    *abbreviations can be
  form                       used
                  Writing the date
There are many ways to write the date in English:
15th October, 2010
15 October, 2010
October 15th, 2010
October 15, 2010
10/15/10 (mm/dd/yy !!!)
10.15.10 (mm/dd/yy !!!)

Good advice: choose one way to write the date, and use the same way
  every time!
                     Salutation (1)
1.   If you know the addressee on a first name basis, use that name:
Dear John,
Dear Linda,

2. If you know the addressee by name, but not intimately:
Dear Mr Jones,
Dear Ms Jones, (for all women)
Dear Mrs Jones, (if you know this lady is married)
Dear Miss Jones, (if you know she’s single)
                     Salutation (2)
If you don’t know the addressee’s name, or you don’t know who is
    going to read the letter:
Dear Sir, (if you know you are writing to a man)
Dear Madam, (if you know you are writing to a woman)
Dear Sir/Madam, (if you don’t know who is going to read the letter)
Dear Sirs, (generally used e.g. in a letter to the editor of a newspaper
              or in a letter of application)
         Closing the letter (1)
Yours faithfully,
(my signature)
(my name)

Yours sincerely,
(my signature)
(my name)
        Closing the letter (2)
Yours (truly),
Best wishes,
(Kind) regards,
      Closing the letter (3)
Please forget “Greetz”, “Greetings”
and any other variations!!!
That is not English!!!
        The text of your letter
• A letter basically consists of three parts:
• Introduction: introduce yourself (if necessary),
  and explain why you write this letter;
• Body: the information you want to give or ask
• Conclusion: short summary of the point of your
  letter, followed by a complete closing sentence.
• Each part is a separate paragraph!
        Some (good) advice!
1. Do what the assignment says!
2. Keep it simple!
3. Choose 1 format, and use the same one
   for every letter (practice and exam).
4. Write your text without using a dictionary,
   use the dictionary only to check your text
   when it is finished.

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