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         Group Tutoring                    Hours and Location   Student             Staff Member
         GROUP I, a.m.                     Tuesday              8:00-11:00          7:45-3:45
                                           Thursday             8:00-11:00          7:45-3:45

         GROUP II, p.m.                    Tuesday              11:40-2:40          7:45-3:45
                                           Thursday             11:40-2:40          7:45-3:45


The intent of the tutoring program is to provide an alternative education option that supports the student’s
reintegration into the mainstream campus. The following guidelines have been established in an effort to
formalize the district wide tutoring program:

        All students being placed on tutoring must have the pre-approval of the District Director for that site.
         A payroll authorization form, along with their time sheet, must be submitted to the Business Office.

        Once the Director has approved a student for tutoring, the Director/site will forward the student’s
         information to the Human Resources Department for final review and assignment approval.

        Direct supervision of the staff member will be handled by the administrator of the building where the
         program is housed.

        Each site Principal is responsible for the students assigned to the tutoring program (e.g., discipline,
         attendance, etc.)

        Staff member’s will utilize the web based PLATO as the primary teaching tool for students based on
         student need.

        Student load will be 15-20 students per group with additional capacity to be assessed based on need.

        Each school site shall have a tutor coordinator who is responsible for overseeing their own students.

        Individual Tracking Reports will be maintained for the student’s individual progress and will be
         made available upon request. A copy should be given to the case manager/counselor at the site.

        Each site will need to maintain a current tutor list and status list of any students on tutoring and
         provide a copy to the Human Resources Department.

        Human Resources Department will keep a master list of all tutors and students on tutoring. It is
         extremely important that all information on tutoring be provided to HR, especially the start and end

The group tutor program will reduce the need for one-on-one tutors. If the site needs increase we may add
additional resources at other sites to build capacity and geographic access.

Tutoring Criteria / Expectations

All Tutoring placements require the Site’s Director Approval, please include a Payroll Authorization

    1. The school makes the determination for tutoring through the discipline process, special education
       process or student guidance process.
    2. The school sends the student name, issue, and recommendation for tutoring, indicating one-on-
       one or group instruction to the Director.
    3. The Director will approve as appropriate.
    4. In the case of Special Education the school would contact the Special Education Secretary at the
       District Office.
    5. An electronic record of students, including start and end dates, for tutoring shall be kept on file.
    6. If tutoring is approved by a Director, notify (by e-mail) Human Resources Secretary of student
       information, start and end date of the tutoring placement and name of the tutor if it is one-on-
       one. Return form to Human Resources Secretary.

Group Tutoring
    Students who have been expelled.
    Any student able to meet the academic expectations of PLATO and function in a group setting.
    Teen parents who have child care available while they attend the group tutoring session.
    GED Prep may be available on a case by case basis.

Individual Tutoring
    Medically fragile students who cannot leave the home.
    Teen parents who are ordered to bed rest and cannot leave the home.
    A teen parent who cannot provide child care during the group tutoring time.
    Students with behavior issues that are deemed to be so disruptive that they need individualized
    Individual exceptions are on a case-by-case review and require the approval of the Director in
       charge of that site.

Transportation for Tutoring
    As a general rule, transportation is not required to be provided for tutoring. Tutored students
      may take advantage of transportation provided for the regular programs, if available.

Transportation Exception
    Transportation for special education students may be provided if students cannot provide their

Tutoring Progress Reports/Accountability
    Progress reports will be submitted for students at all grading intervals that match each site.
      Copies will be provided to each administrator/records files for each site.
    Reports will be completed tracking each student’s completion of work.

Tutoring Criteria (page two)
Tutoring Curriculum Plan
    Each site will provide an outline of curriculum expectations for each program not using PLATO.
      It may be necessary to provide more specific assignment expectations.

Tutoring Curriculum Options
(Tutors must submit a written request to vary from the following recommended curriculum options).
     PLATO, (Web Based)
     Correspondence course (pre-approval of site administrator).
     Online course (pre-approval of site administrator) (SOESD).
     Homework. Usually short term need utilizing existing teacher’s homework submitted by each of
        the student’s teachers. The tutor will coordinate with the teachers and supports student with the
        homework. This option is usually only for a medical situation for a few weeks. The student
        would be following their teacher homework expectations. All work would be returned to the
        teacher for grading.
     Limited Scope – (selected classes – one or two) School curriculum outline and materials.

    Exception with pre-authorization only.

    At Home Tutoring
     Individual tutoring at the student’s home is not recommended. The exceptions are on a case-by-
       case basis (e.g., Teen parent ordered to bed rest, medically fragile, etc.).

     Each site will provide a tutor contract/packet with tutor, parent and students, which will list the
      expectations and responsibilities for all.
     Each site will have the tutor, parent, student sign the contract

    PASS Packets are on a case-by-case basis with prior site Director and HR Director approval (Each
    tutor will submit ongoing progress checks to each site Tutor Coordinator which includes PASS
    Packet usage). PASS Packets upon completion by the student will be submitted to the Site Tutor
    Coordinator for review. The use of PASS Packets are to be discouraged.


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