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									Tutor Request Form

Thank you for your interest in hiring a personal Tutor. We offer Tutors in all forms, from a high school
student who thrives on the course of study you are requesting to teachers, even professors. The hourly rate
depends on the experience of the tutor selected.

To start your personal search, you will need to send a fee of $50.00 to PayPal use the following address to
send your payment lisajpow@maids-nannies.com If you don’t have a PayPal account, we take checks or a
credit card over the phone or on the internet for your convenience

Once you have taken care of your search fee, please fill out the following questioner and send it to the same

Hourly Rates: Minimum of 2 hours per week, 1 subject

High school or college student                 $27.00 per hour
Teacher                                        $38.00 per hour
Professor                                      $49.00 per hour

Name                                                        Start Date                 AM        PM

Address                                                     City                        Zip

Phone                                                       Alt Phone

Type of Services Requested, mark anything that applies

Science    Math      Reading     Writing   Other       Days Per    Which   Hours       Age of         Grade
                                                       Week        Days    Per visit   Student        Average

Detail description of results you are anticipating:

How did you hear about us?

Email Request to lisajpow@maids-nannies.com

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