God View of the Unborn

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					God’s View
of the Unborn

    “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”
                 Psalm 139:14
             Abortion Today
Approximately 42 million abortions are
performed each year worldwide (115,000 per
day). 1.37 million abortions are performed each
year in America (3,700 per day). Somebody
thinks abortion is O.K.!
              Abortion Today
1% of all abortions occur because of rape or
incest; 6% of abortions occur because of
potential health problems regarding either the
mother or child, and 93% of all abortions occur
for social reasons (i.e. the child is unwanted or
inconvenient). Somebody thinks abortion is
               Abortion Today
Approximately 53 million babies have been
aborted in the U.S. since the January 22, 1973
Roe v. Wade decision. There have been more
babies killed in 38 years than soldiers killed in all
the American wars in the past 235 yrs. of this
nations' history. In more populated areas like
Washington D.C., 1 out of 2 pregnancies ends in
abortion. Somebody thinks abortion is O.K.!
             Abortion Today
Often animal rights activists are exonerated and
"pro-life" advocates are considered
troublemakers. If you save a whale you are
honored, if you try to save an unborn life you
are ridiculed. If an airplane crashes and 10
people die, it is national news, but when 1.37
million babies are killed in one year it goes
unmentioned. Somebody thinks abortion is
             Abortion Today
A Gallup Poll, conducted May 7-10, 2009 finds
51% of Americans calling themselves "pro-life"
on the issue of abortion and 42% "pro-choice."
This is the first time a majority of U.S. adults
have identified themselves as pro-life since
Gallup began asking this question in
1995.Unfortunately, our nation is following the
lead of the 42%! A part of that 42% is in the
White House! Somebody thinks abortion is O.K.!
               Abortion Today
• Obama supports Roe v. Wade (July 1998)

• Obama protects a woman’s right                    to
  choose an abortion (May 2004)

• Obama voted “No” on notifying parents of minors
  who get out-of-state abortions (July 2006)

• Obama trusts women to make their own decisions on
  partial-birth abortion (Apr. 2007)

• Obama voted against banning partial birth abortion
  (Oct. 2007)
          Pro-Choice Arguments
"It is uncertain when human life begins; that's a
religious question than cannot be answered by

"The fetus is just a part of the pregnant women's body,
like her tonsils or appendix.”

"The unborn is an embryo or a fetus - just a simple blob
of tissue, a product of conception - not a baby.
Abortion is terminating a pregnancy, not killing a child."
           Pro-Choice Arguments
"The fetus may be alive, but so are eggs and sperm.
The fetus is a potential human being, not an actual one;
it's like a blueprint not a house, an acorn not an oak

"The unborn isn't a person, with meaningful life. It's
only inches in size, and can't even think; it's less
advanced than an animal.”

"A fetus isn't a person until quickening or viability.“
          Pro-Choice Arguments
"Obviously life begins at birth. That's why we celebrate
birthdays, not conception days, and why we don't have
funerals following miscarriages.”

"No one can really know that human life begins before
        God’s View of the Unborn
• God wants children to be born (Gen. 1:28)

• God gives children as a heritage and reward
  (Psa. 127:3-5)

• God is the creator of all life (Psa. 119:73; Acts 17:25;
  Heb. 12:9)

• God helps in the conception of children (Gen.4:1,25;
  25:21; 29:31; 30:22; Judg.13:3-5; Ruth 4:13;
  1 Sam.1:2,5,6,11,20,27; Lk.1:7,13,24,25,30)
       God’s View of the Unborn
• God forms the child in the womb (Job.10:8-12; 33:4;
  Psa.139:13-16; Eccl.11:5; Isa. 44:2,24). Note that the
  personal pronouns used in these verses, e.g., "I,"
  "me" and "my," point to personal identity or
  "personhood" prior to birth. They refer to someone,
  not something.
       God’s View of the Unborn
• God calls the unborn and the born by the same
  name … “child” (Gen. 25:21-22; Ex. 21:22-23; Job 3:3;
  Eccl. 11:5; Mt. 1:18,23; Lk. 1:24-44)

• God teaches parents to appreciate, love, value, and
  care for their children (Prov. 22:6; Eph. 6:1-4;
  Rom. 1:31; 2 Tim. 3:3; Tit. 2:4)
       God’s View of the Unborn
• God forbids murder because the life of a human is in
  the blood (Gen. 9:4-6; Ex. 20:13; Prov. 6:17;
  Rom. 13:9; Gal. 5:21; Rev. 21:8)
       God’s View of the Unborn
• Killing an unborn child is punishable by death -
  Ex.21:22-25 (cf. NIV and NKJV). Why? The status of
  the unborn child is equal to the mother.
  "Miscarriage" in NASV is a poor translation. The
  Heb. verb for "miscarriage" is shakol, not yatsa
  ("depart" or "come out"), and the Heb. noun is nefel
  ("untimely born"), not yeled ("child" or "fruit").
       God’s View of the Unborn
• Murder is condemned because "life" is sacred ("the
  sanctity of life") - man is made in the "image of God"
  (Gen.1:26,27; 9:6; Jas.3:8-10).

• Why is there no specific law against abortion in the
  Bible? "All that was necessary to prohibit an
  abortion was the command, "You shall not murder"
  (Exodus 20:13). Every Israelites knew that the unborn
  child was indeed a child. Therefore, miscarriage was
  always viewed as the loss of a child, and abortion as
  the killing of a child" (Randy Alcorn, 239).
       God’s View vs. Man’s View
• Abortion is a denial of the plain Scriptural truth;
  abortion is a denial of God's view of the unborn.
  Abortion denies that God is involved in development
  process of the unborn, that life is a blessing and gift
  from God, that God cares for the unborn, that God
  has a purpose for the unborn, and the unborn is a

• Abortion is "the American way." We must not
  become "anti-American," but we must speak out
  against the injustice of abortion (Prov.24:11-12).
      God’s View vs. Man’s View
• Abortion has been "legal" and "lawful" according to
  our U.S. Supreme Court since January 22, 1973, but
  we must obey the voice of God, not the voice of men

• Abortion is "popular," but remember, "for that which
  is exalted among men is an abomination in the sight
  of God" (Lk.16:15)

• Abortion is called "pro-choice," "reproductive
  choice," and "termination of pregnancy" by man, but
  God calls it sin (Prov.6:17)
      God’s View vs. Man’s View
• When one understands and accepts God's view of
  the unborn, respects human life, accepts that human
  life begins before birth, learns to love a (unborn)
  child and realizes that God will punish the murderer
  who sheds innocent blood, then that person will
  never become "pro-choice“ (pro-abortion)!

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