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					                                                                   Doc: SCI-USO-DOC-0041
          User                                                     Issue: 1
                                                                   Date: 16/09/2012
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                    Procedure for the Receipt and Despatch

                            of User Samples at Diamond
This procedure is intended to be used for the receipt and despatch of users’ samples at Diamond,
both for academic and industrial users. Details of the procedure will be provided to the user by
the User Office when arrangements for beamtime are being made.

It is anticipated that there will be two situations where this procedure will be implemented:
firstly, for those users sending their samples by courier in advance of their beamtime and,
secondly, for those users who bring their samples with them but arrive in advance of their
scheduled time.

1.   The users must advise Diamond Stores, the Experimental Hall Co-ordinators (EHCs) and their
     Local Contact of the details of despatch. These details must include:

                   name of courier firm
                   date and estimated time of arrival on site

2. All samples should be clearly labelled as follows:

     For the attention of:
     The Experimental Hall Co-ordinators
     Diamond Light Source
     Harwell Science and Innovation Campus
     OX11 0DE

     tel: 01235 778787

     User name                                PI name
     User institution                         proposal number (for academic users)
     Contact telephone number                 visit number (e.g. MX-490)
     email address

     All relevant safety information and sample handling/storage procedures should also be

3. During normal working hours (Mon-Thu 8am-5pm, Fri 8am-12pm), Diamond Stores will take
   receipt of the samples and immediately inform the EHCs.

4. The EHCs will collect the samples from stores and take them to the appropriate laboratory
   for safe storage.
                                                                   Doc: SCI-USO-DOC-0041
         User                                                      Issue: 1
                                                                   Date: 16/09/2012
         Office                                                    Page: 2 of 2

5. Occasionally it may be necessary to take receipt of samples out-of-hours. This must be
   agreed in advance with the EHCs who will take receipt of the samples directly from the user
   or, in very exceptional circumstances, from a courier.

6. For protein crystals stored in liquid nitrogen cooled dewars, the samples should be taken to
   the Biology Laboratory. The user should supply details of any topping-up of liquid nitrogen
   that is required and this will be done by the EHCs or by the Biology Technician.

7. Other samples should be stored according to the information supplied by the user (e.g. in a

8. When the users are ready for the samples on the beamline, either they or the Local Contact
   should contact the EHCs to arrange for delivery of the samples.

9. After the beamtime the users should either take the samples home with them or arrange, at
   their own cost, for a courier to collect the samples. If a temporary import procedure has
   been used, it is essential that samples are returned using the same courier.

10. For courier despatch, the users should complete a despatch form as provided by Diamond
    Stores (a supply will be left on each of the MX beamlines for distribution by Local Contacts)
    and attach it to the samples. They should then inform the EHCs and Diamond Stores where
    the samples are and when and by whom they will be collected. If there is a delay in the
    collection of samples, the EHCs should store the samples securely in the appropriate
    laboratory and then take the samples to stores on the morning of despatch.

11. The user will inform Diamond Stores of the safe receipt of the samples.

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