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					                             African Methodist Episcopal Church
                            Washington Conference Lay Organization
                                  Technical Lay Scholarship
The Washington Conference Bernice Mungen Technical Lay Scholarship (includes trades, computers
and Industrial Arts) was established for the purpose of assisting outstanding and worthy young men and
women, of the Christian faith in the Washington Conference of the 2 nd Episcopal District, in obtaining a
technical education to prepare them to enter the world of work.. The scholarship is a tribute to Mrs. Bernice
Mungen who spent her life in service to the A.M.E. Church and to young people. Mrs. Mungen retired
from a career of teaching. She served as President of the Washington Conference Lay Organization and
served as the chair for the Kittrell Allen Adams Scholarship at the District level.                         .
                                    ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS:

   Member of the African Methodist Episcopal Church;
   Evidence of financial need;
   Must be entering a technical/trade school in the Fall of 2012 and submit official documentation;
   Must pursue courses leading to a technical degree or certification in a specific technical/trade/Industrial
    Arts or vocational training area (i.e. plumbing, cosmetology, medical assistant, home care
    professional, culinary arts, landscaping, furnace and air conditioning service, etc.)
   Should meet the definition of young adult (ages 17-30).

                                       THE SELECTION PROCESS:

Recipients will be selected by a selection committee, composed of members of the Washington Conference
Lay Scholarship Committee. The committee will evaluate eligible students’ profiles, academic records,
financial need, letters of recommendation, biographical statement and career goals, leadership qualities,
extracurricular activities and accomplishments, employment status, family history, local church
participation, and the professional quality of the submitted applications. All applications should be
thoroughly prepared and neat in appearance. The application should be typed. Applicants may fill
out the initial application in draft form and finalize the application using word processing software
or a typewriter. No hand written application will be processed.

                                       SCHOLARSHIP AMOUNTS:

The scholarship committee has the prerogative to disseminate the allocated funds based upon an
appropriate distribution process, and to select one or more students to receive the scholarship awards.
Scholarships should be distributed during the first semester of each academic year. In the event the
student recipient (s) is/are unable to attend the designated institution in the Fall of 2012, the award will be
returned to the scholarship fund.
                                     APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS:

   The completed application form, using typed or word processed text; available on-line at
   A current official High School transcript with GPA, and grades.
   A minimum of (3) letters of recommendation- Pastor or Youth Pastor; responsible adult from your
    local church; and a responsible adult (non-relative) who can attest to your capability and character;
   A one page biographical statement including career goals; and
   Evidence of financial need must be submitted, but please do not send financial statements or tax
    forms with the application.
   Do not apply if you are attending a 4-year institution.
                         African Methodist Episcopal Church
                     Washington Conference Lay Organization
                      Bernice Mungen Technical Scholarship


Last Name                    First Name               Middle Initial

Address                                Street

City                                   State                           Zip Code

Day phone                              Evening phone                   E-mail

Name of Church                         City                                     State

Pastor’s Name

     /     /     /      [ ] Male [ ] Female
Your Date of Birth                                    Social Security Number

ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT:                           Attach Official Transcript

_____________________________                   _____________________________
Graduation Date                                       Size of Graduating Class

GPA (Use 4.0 scale)_______________                    Class Rank____________________

            Name & Address of Graduating High School

Signature & Title of School Official                                   Date

LIST HONORS AND AWARDS:___________________________________________

LIST SKILLS AND HOBBIES:____________________________________________

Have you been accepted by a college/university/technical school ? _____Yes _____No

Name and Address of institution:______________________________________

What is your planned major? ________________________________________________

Annual Tuition:_____________________ Annual Room and Board:________________

List all scholarship amounts and loans that you have received to date. You must keep the
scholarship committee informed of any subsequent awards or financial aid that you


       Father’s name and occupation, if applicable

Employed by:____________________________________________________________-
                   Organization Position/Title         Location
      Mother’s name and occupation, if applicable

Employed by:____________________________________________________________
                   Organization       Position/Title      Location
Are you employed? Part Time:____________ Full Time:_______________

Estimated Family Income:_________________________________________________

Do you live with one or both parents?_____ Do you live in a single family home?______

Do your parent(s) support you? __________ Partially__________ Fully____________

# of total dependents in household, including self:_________ # older than you:________

Highest level of education of father:_______________ Mother:____________________

List major school-related extracurricular activities in which you have participated:
List major non-school related extracurricular activities in which you have participated:


List major civic or other non-school related honors or awards you have received:

List major church-related activities in which you have been actively involved:

LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION: (Name, Title, Organization)
3. ______________________________________________________________________

STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL NEED: (Explain why you need this scholarship)

On a separate sheet of paper write a brief biographical summary and include your career

Signature of Applicant                       Certifies information provided is correct

           Deadline for Receipt of Application: Wednesday, June 6, 2012
                        (Do not Fax or e-mail applications please.)

                         For questions E-mail:
                             Send completed application to:
                                  Dr. V. Susie Oliphant
                                    Scholarship Chair
                                     910 Luray Place
                                 Hyattsville, MD 20783

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