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Girls Night Out Checklist


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									                      Tips for Making “Girls Night Out”
                          a Success for Everyone!!

 Make sure that you arrive on time! Encourage your guests to decide on their
  dinner choice and you as well.
 We order dinner immediately and have the waitress bill everyone before we
  start the makeovers so it runs smoothly and we are not interrupted. 6:00-
 Although we cannot tell our guests to not order an alcoholic beverage, you
  can let her know that it could affect the color of her foundation and her skin
  with the microdermabrasion etc.
 As a consultant- be sure you are dressed in your MK best skirt or dress, with
  your full Mary Kay face on- and we ask that of course you do not indulge in
  any alcoholic beverages.
 7pm- set up for skin care and makeup- as per instructions below.
 Have your mirrors, trays, Look Books, profile cards, sales slips, business
  cards, eye and lip liner samples (bronze or deep brown), Look Cards (in
  Neutral colours please—no pink or blue colours. ( please use color cards
  from the company- and have them assembled with lip and eye liners
  gloss color, and applicators in a baggy BEFORE coming to the event)
 Please do NOT let your guest choose her look from the LOOK book- as it is
  too time consuming and time does not allow for individual color techniques for
  each person.

DO NOT BRING ENTIRE STARTER KIT! Please have the following items in the
plastic zip bags the company gives you in your Go Kit—we do not have room for
trolleys etc. in the room (please pack compactly and efficiently!):
  TimeWise N/D and C/O Cleanser and Moisturizer
  Day & Night Solution
  Microdermabrasion
  Firming Eye Cream
  Ultimate Mascara in Black, Oil-Free Eye-Makeup Remover, Blonde Eyebrow
     Pencil & sharpener
  Satin Hands
  Satin Lips
  Foundations
  Bronzers
  Concealer
  Highlighting pens – shade 1 and shade 2
  Lip primer
 Eye primer
 Large cotton balls, toner pads, Q-tips, mascara wands, MK facial cloths (do
  not use your own as some customers are sensitive to laundry detergent),
  sponge-tip applicators
 Hand towel! (to pat dry face after microdermabrasion!)
 Bowl for each guest to rinse face when we do microdermabrasion!

1. Stripe test your customers with the med coverage foundation (don’t forget to
   write the colour down on the profile card and which formula of TimeWise that
   they will be using.
2. Place all products on the tray in this order TW Cleanser, Microdermabrasion
   Refine, Microdermabrasion Replenish, TW Moisturizer, Foundation,. At the
   top of the tray place the Satin Lips and Firming Eye Cream. Label products
   on tray with pen (do this ahead of time at home!).

Then the Director will begin introductions.

Now it is imperative at this point that as soon as the Director starts the program
with introductions that all consultants and directors step behind their guests
and that there is no talking!! It is now the Director who is doing the event’s
class. Note if you talk you are losing money every time! We want the event to not
only be fun but professional. I cannot stress enough that you do not chit chat with
your guests until the Director doing the class instructs it. This will make the event
run smoothly and timely if everyone cooperates.

 Any concerns or tips from other directors or consultants attending should be
  directed to the teacher so that she is not repeating herself and that everyone
  can hear it.

 Please be polite and courteous to the teacher while she is talking as it is very
  distracting when people are moving about or having conversations while she
  is teaching her class. You do not want to distract the guests!!

8:45- we finish with presenting the marketing plan and offering product specials.
The event ends by 9:15.
This training provides all the layers of experience you need to move forward in
your Mary Kay business . . . and if you want to move fast . . . this will do it!

      Remember- if you want 3 guests there- invite at least 10!!

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