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                  Practitioner Bulletin July 2009

Welcome to the July issue of the Aimhigher practitioner bulletin, which this
month includes an update on this years awards, news about the National
 Aimhigher Conference and information on new personnel at HEFCE.

        In this issue:
        Record number of entries received for Aimhigher Awards
        Social mobility panel report issued
        National Conference
        Free science debate packs available to order
        Roadshow photography added to image library
        UK Schools Memory Championships

Record number of entries received for                         Latest from the Funders
Aimhigher Awards
The Aimhigher Awards have seen a record
number of entries this year, with over 200                    Who’s who at HEFCE –
received across all the award categories.                     details of new WP team
Shortlisting took place on 22 July 2009. Those                members
who have put forward entries will be contacted                Hannah Pudner and Louisa
individually, as explained in the ‘Information for            Baker both join Aimhigher as
entrants’ document.                                           Policy Officers. They can be
                                                              contacted on:
Further information about the Awards,
                                                              h.pudner@hefce.ac.uk or
including details on this year’s judges, the
evening reception and accommodation, will be
                                                                 0117 931 7351
made available from the website.                              l.baker@hefce.ac.uk or 0117
                                                                 931 7106
Social mobility panel report issued
The Panel on Fair Access to the Professions has               Carmen Brown is no longer
published its final report. The report was                    working at HEFCE. Aimee
commissioned by the Prime Minister following                  Lean replaces her as
the publication of the New                                    Administrator and can be
Opportunities White Paper earlier this year. The
                                                              contacted on 0117 931 7215
report is available on the Cabinet Office website
while national news stories which include
                                                              or a.lean@hefce.ac.uk.
mention of Aimhigher can be found on the
practitioner website.

National Conference                                           Spotlight on ... London,
The theme for the third Annual Aimhigher
Conference has been announced as ‘The                           North Yorkshire &
Learner, Society and the Economy: Where                               Sussex
Aimhigher Fits’. It will explore how
Aimhigher dovetails with other agendas, such as
raising educational attainment,                               London merger
social mobility, community culture/regeneration,              London West, London Central
developing higher level skills, and economic                  and London North are
competitiveness.                                              merging to form London
Action on Access is keen to receive                           London South, London East
proposals for workshop topics, and full                       Thames Gateway and London
details are available online.
                                                              South East (Aspire) all remain
Free science debate packs available to                        individual partnerships.
A range of 'science debate kits' are now available            North Yorkshire name
for teachers to order (funded by the Wellcome                 change
Trust). These first kits are on IVF and come                  Aimhigher North Yorkshire is
recommended by teachers who've used them.                     changing its name. From 1st
                                                              August 2009 it will be known
   Comms tip from helping students with
The kits aid discussion; the                                  as Aimhigher York and North
structure, to back up their opinions and see
             NCRT                                             Yorkshire to better reflect its
other people's points of view. They were
designed to provide good quality,                             area.
simple-to-use resources for science
discussions and have been developed in                        Aimhigher Sussex
consultation with teachers.                                   recruiting
                                                              Aimhigher Sussex is
To order kits (or find out more) please visit the             recruiting for a Deputy
website.                                                      Director. Full details are
                                                             available online, or call 01273
                                                              642849 and quote reference
                                                              number ST5050. The closing
                                                              date for applications is
                                                              Tuesday 4 August 2009.

                                                                    NCRT Comms Tip
Roadshow photography added to image
Photography of the Aimhigher Roadshow,
showing facilitators in action, is now
available on the website. Visit the image library
to view the new additions.
                                                              Do you know who your local
                                                              MPs are? Speak to the NCRT
                                                            for information on building
                                                              closer relationships with MPs
                                                              and other key stakeholders.
                                                              You can reach Rod, Becky or
                                                              Allys on 0117 929 7096 or

UK Schools Memory Championships
                                                                Website of the Month
A large number of Aimhigher partnerships and
almost 1,700 pupils from 65 schools across                    http://www.bis.gov.uk –
England, Scotland and Wales took part in this                 find out the latest from the
year’s UK Schools Memory Championships. This
                                                              Department for Business,
gives participants an opportunity to learn
                                                              Innovation and Skills (BIS),
techniques to improve their memory skills,
boosting their                                                formed following the merger
self-esteem and the belief that they have an                  of DIUS and BERR.
ability to learn and recall information.

For more information on the Championships                      Don’t forget!
contact Neil Denley or James Paterson at Inspire               If you have any comments or
Education on 01344 890126, and to request                      suggestions on the content of the
details on getting involved next year visit the                practitioner bulletin or website, or any
                                                               other communications enquiries,
website. Further information about Inspire
                                                               please contact the National
Education is available from www.inspire-ed.com.                Communications Resource Team
                                                               (NCRT) on
                                                               aimhigher@trimediauk.com or 0117
                                                               929 7096.

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