The existing COP20 form may still be used but Court of Protection practitioners are by IjlztXD


									Efis No. 80/2010

December 2010

Range: Court of Protection

COP1      -   Application form
COP20A    -   Certificate of Notification/Non-Notification of the Person to Whom the Proceedings Relate [New Form]
COP20B    -   Certificate of Service/Non-Service/Notification/Non-Notification [New Form]
COP21A    -   Guidance Notes on Completing Form COP20A [New Form]
COP21B    -   Guidance Notes on Completing Form COP20B [New Form]

The Ministry of Justice has replaced existing COP20 form with two new forms, COP20A and COP20B for use from 13th

Practitioners should use COP21A which contains guidance on how to complete COP20A and use COP21B to complete COP20B.

The existing COP20 form may still be used but Court of Protection practitioners are advised to use the new COP20A and
COP20B instead.

Please also find available COP1 which has received a minor field amendment.
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