Wake Providers Medicadipassthrough by R7OqsR


									                                                                             To:   Wake Providers
                                                                             From: Kelly Goodfellow, CFO
                                                                                   Alliance Behavioral Healthcare
                                                                             Date: June 18, 2012
                                                                             RE: Medicaid Pass Through Billing
A New Multi-County Area Authority Merging The Durham Center and Wake LME

                                                                             As you know, The Durham Center and Wake LME will be merging on July 1 to form Alliance
                                                                             Behavioral Healthcare. The Durham Center has been working with Wake LME to ensure
                                                                             continued processing of Medicaid pass through claims for therapeutic foster care (S5145) and
                                                                             provisionally-licensed services (H codes). The following changes have been put in place:

                                                                                   As of 7/1/12 date of service (DOS), all ValueOptions authorizations that currently exist
                                                                                    under Wake’s Medicaid Provider Number (MPN) 3404931 will be changed to be authorized
                                                                                    under The Durham Center (now Alliance Behavioral Healthcare) number MPN 3404922.
                                                                                   As Alliance is a divested agency and is ATYPICAL with the Division of Medical
                                                                                    Assistance (DMA), we do not have an NPI number. You can only use the MPN 3404922.
                                                                                   All future authorization requests must be under Alliance’s number.
                                                                                   Claims that contain a DOS prior to 7/1/12 must still be processed under Wake’s MPN
                                                                                    3404931. Alliance is in the process of moving the administrative handing of these claims but
                                                                                    that will not change the current authorization that is in place. It will only change the entity
                                                                                    that pays you, the provider.
                                                                                   Alliance is working with DMA and CSC, the entity contracted to do provider enrollment
                                                                                    with DMA, to change the MPN information for The Durham Center and Wake LME to
                                                                                    Alliance’s information. This would change the tax ID, address and name. This will affect
                                                                                    how you bill your claim. As soon as we can confirm that the change has been made we will
                                                                                    notify the providers.

                                                                             CAP Services
                                                                             The Durham Center is currently the authorizing entity for Wake CAP services. We will be doing
                                                                             an internal change of all Wake CAP authorizations to The Durham Center/Alliance CAP MPN
                                                                             3408293 as of DOS 7/1/12. The same changes stated above apply.

                                                                             If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (919) 651-8437 or at

                                                                             Thank you,
                                                                             Kelly Goodfellow, CFO

                                                                           Du r h a m Of f i c es : 4 1 4 E as t M ai n S t r ee t , Du rh a m , N C 2 7 7 0 1  (9 1 9 ) 5 6 0 -7 2 0 0
                                                                           Wa ke Of f i c es : 4 0 1 E as t Wh i t a k er Mi l l R o ad , R al e i gh , NC 2 7 6 0 8  (9 1 9 ) 8 5 6 -6 4 0 0
                                                                           C o r p o r a t e o f f i c es m o vi n g Ju l y 2 0 1 2 t o 4 6 0 0 E mp er o r Bo u l eva r d , Du r h a m, N C 2 7 7 0 3

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