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									                                       Big D Fundraiser
                                             Mobile Phone Holder
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Instructions: Insert number of cell phone holders you would like to purchase in the shaded quantity box. It
should automatically calculate the total price and show up in the shaded TOTAL box below.
Payment Options: Pay via paypal @ bigdchapter_iaap@hotmail or complete this order form and mail to
address below.

                                             METHOD OF PAYMENT   (check one)

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                    Quantity             0                                     Quantity              0
                    Price/per $        6.50 $    -                             Price/per   $     6.50 $        -
                    Shipping $         0.65 $    -                             Shipping    $     0.65 $        -
                               TOTAL         $   -                                              TOTAL $        -

                                                                     Paypal: bigdchapter_iaap@hotmail.com

                                                                     Mail order form & payment to:
Questions:          pammorisoncapom@gmail.com                                                      Big D Fundraiser
                    bigdchapter_iaap@hotmail.com                                       C/O Pam Morison CAP-OM
                                                                                               1446 Cedar Oaks Blvd
Dallas, TX 75126

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