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									           2012 PNEC Cornerstone Award Information and Nomination Form
The PNEC Cornerstone Award, established in 2006, recognizes contributions of technical application and
professionalism in exploration and production (upstream) petroleum data and information
management. The award can also recognize those individuals who have made significant contribution in
forwarding petroleum data management as a profession and craft.


The PNEC Cornerstone Award recognizes distinguished contribution in the application of data and
information principles to petroleum development and recovery, and recognizes outstanding
achievements in or contributions to the advancement of upstream petroleum data and information
management in the industry.

1) The candidate must be living, but the death of a candidate after May 1 does not render them
ineligible during that year; the award may be presented posthumously in this case.
2) Current Cornerstone Award Committee Members and those who have served in these positions
during the past 4 years are not eligible.
3) If a candidate is not selected, they can be re-nominated if all other eligibility requirements are met.
4) A particular technical discipline is not a requirement for consideration.
5) The candidate must register and attend the PNEC Annual Meeting May 15-17, 2012 in Houston.

2012 Selection Committee

2012 Committee Chair: Fred Kunzinger, Hess Corporation, Senior Manager, Global Data Management,
Email: fkunzinger@hess.com

Cora Poche, Shell Exploration & Production, Team Lead, Seismic DM, Email:cora.poche@shell.com

Paul Haines, Noah Consulting, Senior Principal and Upstream Lead, Email: phaines@noah-

Pam S. Koscinski, Retired and 2011 Chair of Selection Committee, Chesapeake Energy Corp, Director,
Well Info Mgmt, Email pam.koscinski@chk.com

Committee Coordinator – Philip C. Crouse, PE, President, Philip C. Crouse and Assoc. Inc.

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                                 NOMINATION FORM


*Candidate’s Name:

*Job Title:



*City:                        State:

*Country:                     Postal Code:

*Email:                      *Phone number:


*Your Name:

*Job Title:



*City:                        State:

*Country:                     Postal Code:

*Email:                      *Phone number:

*Date Nomination Submitted (MMM/DD/YYYY):

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Each nomination must be accompanied by a statement of the reasons for proposing the candidate, with
a record of the candidate's professional and industrial achievements in sufficient detail to enable to the
committee to pass judgment on the candidate's worthiness to receive the award. Additional endorsers
may send an endorsement letter.

1)   Complete the information requested.

2)     Save completed form as docx or pdf file, then send to philip.crouse@pnecconferences.com
by 21 March 2012.

3)   A resume or CV is not necessary. All required information can be included on this form.

4) Colleagues supporting this nomination may                send   endorsement      letters    directly   to
philip.crouse@pnecconferences.com. Limit to 3 letters.

5) PNEC staff will attach endorsements of the candidate to this nomination.

6) Award nominations and letters of recommendation are considered confidential.


philip.crouse@pnecconferences.com (preferred method)


Philip C. Crouse and Associates

ATT: Cornerstone Award

P. O. Box 181510, Dallas, TX 75218-1510 U.S.A.


Facsimile: +1.214.841.0046

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1) *Statement of the significant reason why candidate should be selected for this award:

One sentence (400 character limit) summarizing the accomplishments of the candidate that meet the
award consideration.

2) *Describe specific examples of the candidate’s work that support award consideration:

3) Professional History (education and industry experience):


            b)*Industry experience:

            c) Company affiliations:

            d) Licenses and certifications:

           e) Professional memberships:

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4) Major Accomplishments:

List significant contributions of the candidate that support the award consideration

                   a) International:

                   b) National and regional:

                   c) Local:

                   d) Company:

5) Publications:

List any publications representing the candidate’s best work supporting the award

6) Any additional information about the candidate:

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