Entertainment Books Pre order Form

					                   Entertainment Books – preorder form
This year Entertainment Books will be $30.00. Each book sold earns $15.00 for your child’s student account
provided that we as a group sell at least 100 books. This is a great opportunity for making money. Talk to your
neighbors, friends, relatives, etc. to see who would be interested in purchasing one. One of the features from last
year is the mobile phone app. Not all of the vendors are available on the app, but more and more are added each
day. This feature is free. Sale dates are 8/16/11 to 9/6/11. For every 5 books sold, during this time period, you
will receive a free book after we pay the bill. The money will also be due at the time of order. Please send only
checks made payable to Gateway Band Boosters (GBB). Place your order form and checks into Kyra
Weidman’s folder. Please submit preorder forms by August 8th. You will be notified when the books will be
available. If you have any questions, please contact Carla Weidman at 724-325-9127 or by e-mail
carweidman@gmail.com or cweidman1@aol.com.

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