Student Assistantships

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					Student Assistantships
             Student Assistantships

Student Assistantships are placements undertaken
shortly before a student enters Foundation Year 1.

Their aim is to help students become more familiar with
work in a hospital setting and to understand practical
tasks such as filling in a prescription form or ordering a
blood sample
SA Intended Learning Outcomes

Increase the exposure of students to
working patterns, duties, pressures and
expectations of an FY1

Increase the students confidence in
beginning an FY1 post and prepare them
for practice
                   SA Duties

• Students will spend 4 weeks on a ward following
  the work pattern of the supervising junior
  doctor including on-call commitments
• Student assistants will be fully integrated within
  a clinical team. They should be on the rota for
  that team and should have a defined role with
  defined responsibilities.
• They should participate in activities similar to
  those of a newly qualified doctor wherever
  possible subject to patient safety and consent.
                SA Tasks

• Clerking patients so that their notes,
  although checked by a doctor, can form
  the basis of the patient record
• Carrying out practical procedures on real
  patients under supervision.
• Manage acute patients under supervision
• Prioritising patients and tasks
          SA Tasks (cont.)
• Read and write access to EPR, order
  laboratory tests and radiographs

• Working shifts and out of hours. Students
  will be ‘on-take’ at least twice during the
  SA and receive emergency admissions

• Making recommendations for the
  prescription of drugs to real patients.
What student’s can’t do
      • Prescribe medicines

      • Complete any statutory forms

      • Work unsupervised beyond
        their level of competence

      • Undertake procedures which
        they haven’t been trained for
Consultant (Supervisor) – overall responsibility
 for the student and completes placement and
 feedback record

Immediate ‘Coach’ – middle grade staff who
  provide day to day supervision

Observer (FY1 or 2) the person whose rota the
 student will follow – also gives feedback
     How will SAs be Assessed?

• Student completes Placement & Feedback
  Record on Medlea
               - Must be submitted 72 hrs after Assistantship ends
               - All parts must be completed to be compliant

• Students complete a reflective piece about
  their experience for their portfolio
   The Student Assistantship
 Placement & Feedback record
• Must be begun in week 1 (MMS check!)
• Describes the location and content of the
   – Includes work plan and on-call requirements
• Records the names of supervisor(s), coach(es)
  and observers
• Requires a record of what is actually done during
  the SA placement
• Records any and all time “off-placement”
• Requires a record of feedback received
   – and the plans made in the light of such feedback
• QA components of Student Assistantship
  Placement & Feedback record must be
• A proportion of SAs will have a QA visit
  – Usually in week 2 of the placement
  – 2 assessors (1 from QA team, 1 from Phase 3
  – This visit will last 30 – 60 minutes
  – Visit to include meeting a patient
  – It takes precedence over all other activities
•   Students must satisfactorily complete at least one SA placement
     – There is very limited scope to repeat a SA placement if not satisfactorily completed

• Most in blocks 5-8 (February – May)
     –   ES Students in blocks 2 & 3, mostly in Base Hospitals

•   SA requirements take precedence over other scheduled teaching
    No more than 24 hrs away from placement for ‘mandatory’ teaching

• Assessment through Portfolio Review (and MMS check form to
  ensure it is technically compliant)
     – Feedback is a critical component and should be explicit

• QA by placement form and on-site inspections (weeks 2 and 3) and
  student feedback

• Students can fail to graduate because of an unsatisfactory SA
                      Year 5 Groups                2012-13

   Will be notified of pre-allocated SA placement with
            Blocks 5-8 allocations in October

GROUP 1               GROUP 2               GROUP 3               GROUP 4
Elective Blocks 5&6   Elective Blocks 5&6   Elective Blocks 7&8   Elective Blocks 7&8

 Assistantship         Assistantship         Assistantship         Assistantship

    BLOCK 7               BLOCK 8               BLOCK 5               BLOCK 6
Assistantship box will be ticked on
       5-8 allocation sheet
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