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First aid supplies order form

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Published document name:                  falist-fo.doc

Date issued:                              July 2012

Version:                                  2.0

Next review date:                         July 2014 (unless required earlier)

                                          First aid guidance note
Related documents:
                                          Local rules document.

Legislation or related information:       Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981

Document owner:                           Liz Greaves (Senior Safety Advisor)

Document approved by:                     Peter Adams (Director of Health and Safety)

Lead contact:                             Liz Greaves (Senior Safety Advisor)

About this form
This form enables school or service representatives to order first aid supplies from the Health and
Safety Office.

The Health and Safety Office keeps a small supply of standard items in stock to deal with the day to
day replenishment of supplies.

Items from the additional items list are not kept in stock and will be ordered on demand.

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                                 First aid supplies order form


       School/section and

       Telephone number                                   Date

       Complete first aid kits (items may differ from those listed below)

       Standard small workplace first aid kit

       Quantity       Standard items

              1       A leaflet giving general guidance on first aid

              1       Packet of 20 assorted plasters

              2       Eye pad (sterile dressing; no 16)

              6       Medium dressing (sterile dressing; no 8)

              2       Large dressing (sterile dressing; no 9)

              4       Triangular bandage

              1       Safety pins (pk of 6)

                      Pair of disposable gloves - small, medium or large
                      (if size not indicated medium will be provided)

              1       Resusci face shield

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       Additional items

       Detectable plasters for commercial catering areas (box of 100)

       2 x Extra large dressing (sterile dressing; no 3) – High risk areas

       Eye wash (500ml) for travel kits and areas without mains water

       Eye wash (20ml - travel size) for travel first aid kits and field trips

       Sterile cleansing wipes

       Adhesive tape

       Finger dressing

       Conforming bandage

       Foil blanket

       Burn dressing – small (finger), medium (face/hand) or large (chest) (if not
       specified small (finger) size will be provided)

                              Please return your completed form by post or email to:

Health and Safety Office,
University of Bristol,
1-9 Old Park Hill,
BS2 8BB,

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