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									    Information for Social Workers on the Family Group Conference

    The referral form is in two parts. Please complete the first part giving as many
     details as you can about the family you are referring. The second part contains
     information for the family to be presented at the family group conference. This
     should be completed together with the referral form, and can be discussed later with
     the coordinator.

    The referring social worker should have already explained to the family what a
     family group conference is, and obtained agreement from the main carer(s).

    When a referral is received it is allocated to a coordinator from Galtons Associates,
     and the social worker is informed by letter or e-mail of the name of the coordinator
     and their phone number.

    The coordinator will contact the social worker as soon as possible after receiving
     the referral, and usually arrange to meet with them. The purpose of this meeting is
     to discuss the focus for the conference, and the information and questions to be put
     to the family at the conference.

    As far as possible, the conference should be arranged at a time and venue to suit
     the family members’ circumstances. This may well mean that the conference is held
     out of normal working hours, such as in the evening or weekends, and it may also
     last for a few hours.

    The coordinator is responsible for meeting with family members, setting up the
     family group conference, arranging the venue, and ensuring family members can
     attend. The need for childcare and advocacy will be discussed with the family. The
     coordinator will provide light refreshments for the conference.

    If for any reason a family member cannot attend the conference, the coordinator will
     encourage that person to present their views by other means, such as a letter or
     telephone link.

    The social worker is responsible for attending the family group conference and
     telling the family about Children’s Services’ concerns. At this stage the social
     worker should outline possible resources that may be available to support the plan.

    The family has private planning time on their own. The coordinator and social
     worker remain on site to be consulted if necessary. When the family have made
     their plan, the coordinator will go through it with them, and help the family ensure
     the plan addresses the concerns. If possible the social worker should agree the
     plan immediately, although sometimes the plan needs to be agreed by a manager
     or the court. If the plan cannot be agreed on the day, the family should be informed
     by the social worker when they can expect to hear if it has been agreed.

    The family will be asked if they would like a review.
                   FAMILY GROUP CONFERENCE
                        REFERRAL FORM
               Please Return to the Children’s Commissioning Team
             (Preferably by email): _CYP Children's Commissioning
               Telephone: 020 8313 4165 Fax: 020 8313 4106

                                   Part One
   1. Referrer’s details:

Name of                              Social Worker’s
Social Worker                        Phone Number:
referral:                            Email Address:

                                     Social Worker’s
Social Work                          Fax Number:
Team /
Workplace:                           Social Worker’s

      2.      Family Details:

           First     Surname     D.O.B    Address            Phone     Ethnicit
           Name                                              Number    y

   3 Ethnicity:

Language spoken at home:

Have the family expressed a preference in terms of gender,   Yes   /     No
ethnicity, or any other attribute of the co-ordinator?
 If yes, Please specify
Is an Interpreter     Yes /      No                    Language
required?                                              Required:

        4.     Extended Family Members:

Relationship      First Name      Surname             Address / Tel. No                  Ethnicity

        5.     Support Network / Significant Friends:

Relationship      First Name       Surname            Address / Tel. No                  Ethnicity

        6.     Reasons for referral:

Reason for FGC Referral/ Objective:
please select/indicate from the list below by highlighting the correct box and press Ctrl+X to insert
a tick.
Child at home requiring support                                      
Child in Kinship placement requiring support                         
Child at home requiring an alternative kinship placement             
Child in care requiring a kinship placement                          
Child in care returning to main carer                                
Child at home requiring a contact schedule                           
Child in care requiring a contact schedule                           
Other                                                                
Why are you making the referral for a Family Group Conference – what issues do
you want the family network to address?

At this stage, can you say what would not be acceptable as part of the family plan
(known as “the bottom line”) and any alternative action social services may take if
the family is unable to make a plan?

7.     Are the children subject to any Orders or on the child protection register?

Yes     /      No (please Specify)

8. Are there Health and Safety concerns that the coordinator or others need to be
aware of? (If you are unsure please discuss this with us)

9.    Has this referral been discussed with the family and a leaflet given?

Yes     /      No

10. Is there a specific timescale or deadline for the Family Group Conference to
take place? (Please be aware that we aim to complete FGCs within a six week deadline)

Yes     /      No          Please specify

Signed                                   Position

                                       Part Two

                                Information for the Family

This section contains information for the family to be presented at the family group

                          What are the current concerns?

     What questions does the Family Group Conference need to address?

                  What strengths do you think the family have?

    What resources do you think the family may need, including financial?

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