; 3 Quick Tips About How To Save Money Fast
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3 Quick Tips About How To Save Money Fast


3 Quick Tips About How To Save Money Fast

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									3 Quick Tips About How To Save Money Fast
http://w w w .empow ernetw ork.com/blythe2012/blog/3-quick-tips-about-how -to-save-money-fast/?id=blythe2012   September 16, 2012

Many people are having problems with paying their bills
today. Due to the loss of jobs and the high cost of food,
energy and other things, paying the bills in full and on
time is becoming increasingly difficult for many families.
Sometimes people may not have a safety net if an
unexpected expense or an emergency arises.
Unfortunately, living without any type of safety net or little
extra money in a savings account can have a wide range
of different adverse consequences. To keep this from
occurring, there are several things that each individual
should know and do when learning how to save money

Eliminating Non-Essential Spending

Eliminate non-essential spending from the family budget.
Non-essential spending may be defined in many different
ways and it is normally based on the individual that is
defining the term. For example, many times people feel that there are certain things that they cannot
give up because they have become accustomed to buying it (i.e. buying a doughnut and a cup of coffee
on the way to work every morning). Even though the person may perceive the doughnuts and coffee as
an essential, it isn’t. A doughnuts and coffee every morning is normally classed as a non-essential
expense. Therefore, understanding the difference between essential and non-essential is critical to how
to save money fast.

The mortgage on a home, rent, monthly utility bills are essential to basic living and staying in home. The
cable bill is not considered to be essential to the family’s household budget unless someone in the
family is working from home. Which means, when eliminating the non-essential items from the lists, the
family should review each item to see if the expense can be removed from the expenses. For instance,
some people may want to drop their gym memberships when they are learning how to save money fast.
Even though health is a priority and the gym is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy, this is an
area that will have to be reviewed for practicality. For instance, if the person has a track near their
home or apartment, they may want to run on the track instead of going to the gym. In some cases,
people may want create a home gym instead.

Change Cell Phone Plans to Lower Rates

Another area that becomes expensive very quickly is the cell phone bill. While some people may carry
the basic plans, others want unlimited everything. The unlimited plans with all of the bells and whistles
can be very costly, especially over a period of time. Therefore, to reduce the amount that is spent in this
area, the individual may want to switch to a basic plan. This is an area where an individual can save
hundreds of dollars a year when they are learning how to save money fast.

Reduce the Grocery Bill

Reducing the grocery bill does not mean eating less food. However, it does mean finding different ways
to save money on the grocery bill. Buying bulk and clipping coupons is at least two of the ways to save
money on the grocery bill.

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