Determining the Equation of a Quadratic Function by ROAoRY4


									Determining the Equation of a Quadratic Function
  1. Use the vertex and another point on the curve to determine the equation of the following curves.



  2. Mike Powell of the U.S.A. set a world record of 8.95 m for the long jump in 1991. If he ascended to
     a maximum height of 1.1 m, find the transformational form of the quadratic function that describes
     his jump.

  3. The world’s tallest monument is the stainless steel arch “Gateway to the West” in St. Louis, Missouri.
     It spans 192 m, rising to a maximum height of 192 m. Create a quadratic function whose parabola has
     the same height and span of this arch. At what horizontal distance will the height of arch be 144 m?

  4. Find two quadratic functions that have their vertex at (2, 5).

  5. A golf ball reaches a maximum height of 30 m at a horizontal distance of 50 m. How high will the
     ball be after traveling a total horizontal distance of 75 m?

  6. The graph of a quadratic function passes through the points (1, 2) and (3, 14) and the value of the
     function is maximized when x is 5. What is the maximum y-value?

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