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					Proyecto: Postcard of Group Country       Due: Wednesday, November 16, 2011           Points: 50

Directions: You will pretend that you are vacationing in your group country (Cuba, República
Dominicana, Puerto Rico, or Guinea Ecuatorial). You will write a postcard to someone back home and
describe what you like to do in that country. You will first need to research some popular tour spots and
things you can do in that country. Then, you will write what you like to do in that country based on
what you can do by saying me gusta… (note: you don’t have to have the exact activities but you should
base at least once sentence on your findings). You have to mention at least three things you like to do in
three different tour spots in your country. For two of those countries, you should find photos (Spanish:
fotos) to put on the front of your postcard.

This might all seem confusing, but ¡no te preocupes! (Don’t worry!) I have broken this down into 4 parts
for you:

Part 1: Research- 8 points due Wednesday, November 9

You will research your country for popular tourist spots in activities in the computer lab. You will also
need to find a picture of two tour spots. You will need to cite the websites on the Part 1 Word

Part 2: Rough Draft- 14 points due Thursday, November 10

After finding out where you can go and what you can do in your country, you will need to write a rough
draft of your postcard using me gusta on a sheet of paper. You will need to include:

    1. La fecha (the date) written with the day first, then month, then the year
    2. Querido (for boy) or Querida (for girl) and then the person’s name (means Dear _____,)
    3. A greeting (ex: ¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás?)
    4. Say where you are (Estoy en _______.)
    5. 3 sentences that says what you like to do in what city or place(ex: En Masaya, me gusta bailar
    6. A closing sentence (ex: ¿Y a ti? ¿Qué te gusta hacer en tu país?)
    7. A leave taking (ex: adios) and your name

Your classmates will be correcting your rough draft to help you prepare for the final draft.

Part 3: Final Draft- 20 points due Tuesday, November 15

You will turn in a clean final draft that will be graded and corrected by Señorita Fox before you type it on
the computer. Spelling will count off! Please make sure you include all of the items listed above in the
rough draft section.

Part 4: Postcard Production- 8 points due Wednesday, November 16

We will go back to the computer lab on Wednesday, November 16, so you can make your postcard to
publish. You will receive instructions for this part on that day.

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