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                                                     APPLICATION FORM                                                                 PP SIZE PHOTO

          Please read carefully Section 9, 10 & 11 of this application form
 1        Complete ALL sections and sign that you have agreed with terms and conditions
          Attach all relevant documents including your 3 Passport Size Photos
          Please complete all sections of this form using CAPITAL LETTERS and black or blue ink.

Have you previously studied at Vision College? Please tick? Yes           No        If yes please provide your previous ID Number

If you are applying from within the Country (UK) please provide your first entry date       DD      MM       YYYY

Since your fiirst entry have you been a student in another College? Yes         No         If yes please state which College


 First Name(s):                                                                        Surname:

 Date of Birth:                DD    MM      YYYY    Gender: Male          Female            Passport Number:

 Nationality:                                            Country of Birth:                                 Place of Birth:

 Visa valid from:               DD    MM      YYYY    Visa Expiry:   DD        MM        YYYY    Passport Expiry Date:         DD    MM     YYYY

 If you are applying within the Country (UK) what type of visa do you have?
 (e.g. student, visitor, dependant, etc)?

 3         CONTACT DETAILS * Please note: VCTBS may contact you with College-related information via SMS.
                                                               * Please note: VCTBS may contact you with college-related information via SMS.
 House Number:                              Street/Road etc:

 City/State:                                                                   County:

 Country:                                                                      Post Code:

 Telephone Number:                                                             Mobile: *


                                                  * Please attach certified photocopies of your previous Certificate(s)
Which course would you like to study at Vision College?

 WHAT TERM WOULD YOU LIKE TO START? Please tick. JUNE                                    SEPTEMBER              JANUARY             APRIL

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5      Please list all the examination subjects/qualifications already achieved or going to be taken.
       It is very IMPORTANT this section is completed. Applications will be delayed without this information.
       Continue on a separate sheet if required and attach securely to this form.
       If you have no formal qualifications, please tick here.

                           SUBJECT                                    LEVEL       YEAR      ARCHIEVED           AWARDED BY

6      EMPLOYMENT DETAILS                                               List last 3 employers starting with the most recent

          COMPANY                             POSITION                   DATES FROM - TO               CONTACT DETAILS

7      REFEREES Please provide the names of two people not relatives who have known you for at least two years.

Full Name

Address        House Number:               Road/Street:

 City/State:                                      County:                                   Country:

 Post Code:                   Email:                                       Telephone:

Full Name

Address        House Number:              Road/Street:

 City/State:                                      County:                                   Country:

 Post Code:                  Email:                                    Telephone:
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8       TUITION FEES PER YEAR * We do review our Tuition fees from time to time, please visit our website for an update.

 BSc Degrees                                   £6500.00                                      Certificates                                   £2500.00

 Postgraduate Diplomas                         £5500.00                                      B.A. Degrees                                   £6500.00

 ESOL (English)                                £1500.00                                      Advanced Diplomas & ACCA                       £4500.00

 Diplomas                                      £4350.00                                      English – EDI (Level B1 & B2)                  £1000.00


    You will need to send 3 Passport- sized pictures of yourself with the application form
    Include £150.00 which is non-refundable application fees.
    In case your visa application has been rejected the college will subtract £250 from the tuition fee for administrative purposes and the non-refundable
     application fee of £150. Refund will be made within 28 working days following receipt of your original documentation and signed refund request.
    No refund will be awarded to student(s) who attempt to use fraudulent documents during visa application.
    No refund will be awarded to students who submit inappropriate documentation during visa application (e.g. photocopies, insufficient funds on Bank
     statements etc).
    No refund will be awarded to student(s) following commencement of their course
    No refund will be awarded to student(s) who withdraw from their course following commencement.
    The college will refund the fee if an International Student has been refused entry to the United Kingdom or two weeks before the commencement of
     their course.
    At the college's discretion, based on personal circumstances, we might refund tuition fees less application fee, administrative fee and service charges to
     cover the period studied at Vision College.
    For non EU/EEC students who fail to report to the college within 2 weeks of commencement of their course will not be entitled for any refund and will
     be reported to UK border agency.
    If you are non EU/EEC students you are not allowed to change the college or the course of study.
    If your attendance falls below 80% or you fail to achieve satisfactory academic progress or you miss ten days/contacts continuously you will be
     reported to UK border agency and your visa will be cancelled.
    You are required to notify the college when you change your address and any other contact details.
    Applications sent without registration fee and deposit will not be processed.
    Do not send any original educational certificates at this stage.

 For more information about Terms, Conditions and Policies, please visit our website


 “I declare that all the above information I have entered is true, and I have agreed with Terms &
 Conditions in this form.”

                                                                                                       DD                MM                     YYYY

                                 YOUR SIGNATURE                                                                               DATE


 1) Complete the Application Form in full                                          with necessary information such as:
 2) Send your Application Form with:                                                    i. Your name, address, Course applied etc.
     a) Certified copy of your previous certificate(s)                                 ii. Our Bank details
     b) Copy of your Passport – If you don’t have a Passport please tick              iii. Instructions on how to pay the required one year tuition fees
     c) Three Passport size photos                                                    iv. After the college has received one year tuition fee the College will
     d) £150.00 as an Application fee (This is a non-refundable fee)                       issue Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) – Acceptance
 3) What will be the next step?                                                            Letter which you can use to apply for your student visa.
     a) Vision College will access your application                                What if you are not successful with visa application?
     b) If you are successful we will send you a Conditional Offer Letter                  The college will refund to you all your money less £250.00 from the
                                                                                           paid tuition fee for administrative purposes.
                                                                Train, Equip & Release

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      FOR OFFICE USE ONLY                                        YES/NO            DATE              OFFICER’S
12                                                                                                    INITIALS

Form received and acknowledged?

Conditional Offer Letter Issued?

Letter of Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) Issued?

File Opened?

Payment Card Opened?

Payments Received?


14      ADDRESS

      Thank you for applying to Vision College of Theology & Business Studies. Your application will be
              acknowledged within seven days. Please send completed application form to:



For more information about Vision College and Courses we offer, please visit our website
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