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                 Persuasive Topic Selection
DIRECTIONS: Choose at least 5 possible persuasive topics. They should be in a sentence form rather
than one word. Like the informative speech, you will choose one of the five and circle it as your final
choice. This is in case someone else selects your topic before you. Only one person in class may have
a topic.

There are topics that are off limits: anything with illegal drugs, gays, sex, gangs, mafia, abortion, abuse,
or religion.

   1. ____________________________________________________________________


   2. ____________________________________________________________________


   3. ____________________________________________________________________


   4. ____________________________________________________________________


   5. ____________________________________________________________________


   6. ____________________________________________________________________


   7. ____________________________________________________________________


                 Once you have your topic approved, fill out the back of this worksheet.
        DIRECTIONS: Once you gotten your topic approved by Mrs. Aten, do the work below.

1. List a couple of adjectives (descriptive words) that describe the situation or idea you are choosing.

2. What is your thesis statement? A thesis statement for a persuasive speech tells us what you are
going persuade us about. Do NOT say, “I am going to persuade you…” Think about using some of the
words you listed above in your thesis.      thesis = topic + opinion w/reason

3. What are you trying to persuade the audience to do?

4. What kind (supportive, in-different, uncommitted, opposed) of an audience do you have in relation
to your topic? WHY or how do you know?

5. How might you connect your topic to your audience through pathos (emotions) and logos (logic)?
Explain how you will do each.

6. How might you connect your topic to your audience through Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

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