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					                             DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY
                                 WARRIOR TRAINING CENTER
                                6901 ROSELL ROAD BLDG 4155
                              FORT BENNING, GEORGIA 31905-4500
       REPLY TO

ATZB-RCG-WTC-BCO-CDR                                                    1 November 2009


SUBJECT: Policy Memorandum – Mandatory Rules for the Air Assault Course

1. The purpose of this memorandum is to set policy for conduct of all Air Assault

2. The following rules will be strictly adhered to while attending the Air Assault course.

   a. Air Assault students are not allowed to have alcoholic beverages. No alcoholic
beverages are allowed in or around the billets or classrooms at any time. Controlled
substances will not be brought on post at any time. Violators will be subject to
immediate dismissal and possible criminal charges.

   b. Visitors, Military or Civilian, are not allowed in or around the barracks at anytime.
No females are allowed on the male floor, and no males are allowed on the female floor.

   c. Civilian clothes are not authorized for wear by students attending the Air Assault

3. The following directives are mandatory.

   a. Duty uniform will be ACU’s, IPFU or equivalent during Program of Instruction
(POI) hours.

   b. IPFU uniform is allowed during Commanders time at the discretion of the cadre.
No modifications to either uniform are allowed unless prescribed by Air Assault Course

    c. Lights out will be enforced per the training schedule established time; all
students will be in the barracks at this time.

    d. Meal Uniform, unless directed by Air Assault Cadre, will be ACU’s or equivalent
with Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) or Ballistic Helmet and 1 quart canteen.

   e. Students will move in buddy teams at all times.

   f. Students will move at double time while assigned to the Air Assault Course
except following the evening meal and Commander’s time.
SUBJECT: Policy Memorandum – Mandatory Rules for the Air Assault Course

    g. Students will have ID card and ID tags on their person at all times while
assigned to the Air Assault Course.
    h. Students are restricted to Post and cannot accept rides in any vehicle (Military or
Civilian) under any circumstances.

    i. Smoking and Chewing tobacco will only be allowed on Commander’s time, and
in designated areas.

4. Medical Services:

   a. Sick Call hours will be at the end of the training day or when designated by Air
Assault Cadre.

   b. Medical personnel will be present during all training.

5. Privately Owned Vehicles will be locked in the designated area and will be off limits
during the entire duration of the course.

6. Failure to comply will result in dismissal from the course.

7. The Point of Contact for this memorandum is SFC McCarthy, 706-544-6375,

                                         JON W. GUTAUSKAS
                                         CPT, IN


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