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Clearwater National Forest � Recreation Sites in RS-FMP Project by HC120916172749


									     Clearwater National Forest – Recreation Sites in RS-FMP Project

Palouse Ranger District
Bald Mountain Lookout         Overnight Cabin/Lookout
Elk Creek Campground          Campground
Elk Creek Falls               Interpretive Site (Minor)
Giant Cedar                   Interpretive Site (Minor)
Giant White Pine Campground   Campground
Horse Camp (Palouse)          Campground
Laird Park Campground         Campground
Little Boulder Campground     Campground
Partridge Creek Camp          Campground
Potlatch Canyon Trailhead     Trailhead
Upper Basin Camp              Campground

North Fork District
Fourth of July Camp           Campground
Aquarius Campground           Campground
Bungalow Camp                 Campground
Cayuse Landing Camp           Campground
Cedars Campground             Campground
Cold Springs Peak Lookout     Overnight Cabin/Lookout
Cottonwood Creek Camp         Campground
Dog Creek Camp                Campground
Fawn Creek Camp               Campground
Fish Lake Camp                Campground
Fish Lake Trailhead           Trailhead
Flat Creek Camp               Campground
Goose Creek/Lake Creek Camp   Campground
Hidden Creek Campground       Campground
Hook Creek Camp               Campground
Isabella Camp                 Campground
Isabella Landing Camp         Campground
Jazz Creek Camp               Campground
Joy Creek Camp                Campground
Junction Creek Camp           Campground
Kelly Creek Camp              Campground
Kelly Forks Campground        Campground
Liz Butte Cabin               Campground
Liz Creek Cabin               Campground
Noe Creek Campground          Campground
Pete Ott Camp                 Campground
Pine Creek Camp               Campground
Purple Beach Camp                  Campground
Riviera Camp                       Campground
Ruby Creek Camp                    Campground
Scurvy Mtn. Lookout                Overnight Cabin/Lookout
Smith Ridge Trailhead              Trailhead
Station Creek Camp                 Campground
Wallow Mountain Lookout            Overnight Cabin/Lookout
Washington Creek Campground        Campground
Weitas Butte Lookout               Overnight Cabin/Lookout
Weitas Campground                  Campground

Lochsa Ranger District
Nine Mile River Access             Boating Site
Apgar Campground                   Campground
Austin Ridge Lookout               Overnight Cabin/Lookout
Beaver Dam Saddle Trailhead        Trailhead
Bimerick Creek Camp                Campground
Boundary Junction Camp             Campground
Castle Butte Lookout               Overnight Cabin/Lookout
Fish Creek River Access            Boating Site
Fish Creek Trailhead               Trailhead
Gold Meadow Cabin                  Overnight Cabin/Lookout
Knife Edge Campground              Campground
Lewis and Clark Grove Trailhead    Trailhead
Lochsa Historical Ranger Station   Interpretive Site (Minor)
Lolo Campground                    Campground
Lolo Creek Trailhead               Trailhead
Mystery Saddle Camp                Campground
Nimiipuu Trailhead                 Trailhead
Number 1 Station River Access      Boating Site
Noseeum Meadows Camp               Campground
Pete Forks Junction Camp           Campground
Rocky Ridge Campground             Campground
Sherman Creek Trailhead            Trailhead
Split Creek Trailhead              Trailhead
Three Devils Picnic Area           Picnic Site
Tukeytespe Picnic Area             Picnic Site
Walde Lookout                      Overnight Cabin/Lookout
Weitas Bridge Camp                 Campground
Weitas Guard Station Camp          Campground
Weitas Meadows Camp                Campground
Wild Goose Campground              Campground
Wilderness Gateway Campground      Campground
Powell District
Colgate Camp Campground       Campground
Colgate Licks                 Interpretive Site (Minor)
Colt Creek Trailhead          Trailhead
Devoto Memorial Cedar Grove   Interpretive Site (Minor)
Eagle Mountain Trailhead      Trailhead
Elk Summit Campground         Campground
Jerry Johnson Campground      Campground
Lolo Pass VIS Center          Interpretive Site (Major)
Mocus Point Trailhead         Trailhead
Powell Campground             Campground
Tom Beale Park Trailhead      Trailhead
Warm Springs Trailhead        Trailhead
Wendover Campground           Campground
Wendover Staging Area         Campground
White Sand Campground         Campground
Whitehouse Campground         Campground

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