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									                        GRECO, El
           The Agony in the Garden
                            c. 1590
       Oil on canvas, 104 x 117 cm
Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio

                                      The Lord’s prayer: “Our Father"
Compendium of the Catechism
                        578. What is the origin of the
                         Our Father?
                        2759-2760
                        Jesus taught us this Christian
                         prayer for which there is no
                         substitute, the Our Father, on
                         the day on which one of his
                         disciples saw him praying and
                         asked him, “Lord, teach us to
                         pray” (Luke 11:1). The
                         Church’s liturgical tradition has
                         always used the text of Saint
                         Matthew (6:9-13).
   One day, after Jesus had
    finished praying to his
    heavenly Father, one of his
    disciples said:
        " Lord, teach us to pray, as
         John taught his disciples "
         (Luke 11:1)
   It was then that he taught
    them the Our Father (Cf.
    Matthew 6:9-13).
   The Our Father should be
    our favourite prayer
    because God himself
    taught it to us.

                          BELLINI, Giovanni
                 Agony in the Garden (detail)
                                      c. 1459
                           Tempera on wood
                    National Gallery, London
Main ideas
1. The Our Father the most important prayer
                            The most important prayer of
                             Christians is the Our Father,
                             the prayer the apostles learned
                             from Jesus’ lips. Tertullian said
                             that “the Lord’s prayer is truly
                             the summary of the whole
                            No doubt it is the most perfect,
                             it being the prayer par
                             excellence of the Church.

                     GOODALL, Frederick (1822-1904)
                     Already He knew God As His Father
                     Oil on canvas
                     134.6 x 91.4 cm
                     Private collection
2. Jesus Christ taught us the Our Father
   Jesus Christ taught us
    the words with which we
    have to address our
    heavenly Father. The Our
    Father is the prayer most
    pleasing to God.
   We should recite it with
    attention and devotion,
    conscious of what we say,
    so that our heart identifies
    with the words we
    pronounce. Doing so will
    help us to know the
    meaning of the words.
                                   RODRIGUEZ DE SILVA Y VELASQUEZ, Diego
                                                         Supper at Emmaus
                                                 Metropolitan Museum of Art
                                                             New York, USA
3. The contents of the Our Father
                                           The Our Father includes an initial
                                             invocation and seven petitions :
                                                  Initial invocation: Our Father who
                                                   art in heaven.
                                                  1st petition: Hallowed be thy
                                                  2nd petition: Thy kingdom come.
                                                  3rd petition: Thy will be done on
                                                   earth, as it is in heaven.
                                                  4th petition: Give us this day our
                                                   daily bread.
                                                  5th petition: Forgive us our
                                                   trespasses, as we forgive those
                                                   who trespass against us.
WEST COPE, Charles                                6th petition: Lead us not into
Florence Cope Saying Grace at Dinnertime           temptation.
Private Collection
                                                  7th petition: Deliver us from evil .

                                           To confirm our petitions we add
    4. To pray the Our Father with devotion
   Since the Our Father is so
    beautiful and so pleasing
    to God, logically we should
    try to say it with special
   We cannot recite it like a
    machine pronouncing the
    words with our lips while
    our mind and heart are
    elsewhere; we have to
    recite it with attention and

                                            WOOD, Christopher
                                        Breton Woman at Prayer
                                     Southampton City Art Gallery
                                                 Hampshire, UK
Resolutions for Christian life
Resolutions to move forward
   Review – get to know very well
    – the Our Father and the Hail
   Pray with attention and
    devotion all vocal prayers,
    especially the Our Father and
    the Hail Mary.
   Meditate once in a while the
    Our Father and the Hail Mary to
    better understand what we

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