Irene Sequeira
                       A/5 Jaideep Coop. Housing Soc Ltd
           Off Marve Road, Near Fire Brigade, Malad (W), Mumbai 400 095

                    Cell: 9768738963   Email :

Career Objective:

To work with an organization of international repute where I can contribute and
simultaneously learn, in a professional environment, so that my desire to become a
successful banking professional gets fulfilled.

Work Experience:

I joined IndusInd Bank as Assistant Manager in the year 1999 and got promoted as
Deputy Manager in April 2004. I got my Manager cadre in October 2007.

Key Responsibility Areas:

   a) Risk Management:

           Bank Risk: Setting up and monitoring of limits of public sector and
            private sector banks, foreign banks operating in India and foreign banks-
            global entities monitoring & preparing proposals for banks not listed in
            the Banks’ Risk Policy for trade and treasury.
           Country Risk provisioning: setting up & monitoring of limits of the
            countries in the Banks’ Country Risk Policy if not seeking approval for
            the same from the Top Management.
           The reviews of the Bank Risk & Country Risk are reported to the Top
            Management on monthly basis and on quarterly basis to the Board of
           Attending/dealing with the queries raised by Auditors.
           Compilation of data of inland bill discounting figures and reporting the
            same to Treasury.

   b) Correspondent Banking:

           Establishing Correspondent Banking relationship with new foreign banks
            by signing the agency arrangement.
           Responsible for managing the test keys and authorized signatures of the
           Coordinating of having bilateral key exchange with Banks with the help
            of IT Dept.
           Pricing services: Arranging buyers credit for the banks branches & lines
            of credit for Trade Finance.
           Maintaining draft stock of various Nostros viz.
            USD/GBP/EURO/CAD/AUD and providing the same to the branches
            on their request
            Liaised with the branches and the correspondent banks and performing
             extensive trouble shooting activities, resolving branch queries relating to
             short credits received and providing excellent support.
            SWIFT: downloading of SWIFT messages on daily basis, sending
             payment messages to branches. Providing support to branches:
             monitoring the rights of SWIFT users.
            Assisting in fixing of budget for the representative offices,
             accounting/monitoring of expenses of Dubai/London representative
             offices-getting the expenses approved by competent authority n
             conveying the same to the Corporate Services dept for accounting
            Reviewing the performances of the representative offices to the Board of
             Directors on quarterly basis.

   c) Monitoring, Control & Guidelines:

            Submission of R-Returns (Nostro/Vostro) on fortnightly basis to Reserve
             Bank of India on timely basis.
            Liberalised remittance scheme of USD 200000/- etc reported on monthly
            Short Term Credits-Imports into India, are reported to Reserve Bank of
             India on monthly basis
            Quarterly remittances from NRO accounts
            Various returns viz; Overseas Corporate Bodies (OCBs),

   d) Training & Support:

    Coordinating with the superiors in organizing training program on Trade
     Finance to the branches.
    Assisting in grooming new recruits in the department.
    Providing support at MTSS desk, Forex Service Cell- Trade Finance.

Previous Assignments:

8th April, 1996 – 20th March, 1999:

Joined IndusInd Bank Limited, Bandra Branch, Mumbai on 8th April 1996.

Job profile was to handle trade finance transactions at floor level management.

22nd March, 1999 to 07th September, 1999:

Joined Centurion Bank Ltd., Corporate Office on 22nd March, 1999 as Junior-Manager-2

Job Profile was to handle SWIFT operations.
Personal Traits:

Ability to perform effectively under pressure – Ambitious – Optimistic – Adaptable –
Systematic at work - Accept Responsibilities - Willingness to learn.


   Import Letter of Credit – Establishment & Amendments
   Imports-Lodging of documents both LC based and Collection bills
   Ensuring payments on due dates
   Lodging of export documents under collection
   Monitoring the limits for discounting the export documents
   Negotiating export documents under LC including and claiming reimbursement on
    due dates.
   Forward contracts-Liaison between Dealing Room and the customers for arriving at
    a     contractual    rate-documentation-both      for   Sales      and  Purchases-
    Delivery/Cancellation of contracts on respective due dates. Handled even cross
    currency contracts.
   Inward Remittances – Monitoring the Nostro Account Statements for remittances
    pertaining to the branch-applying funds to the respective accounts under intimation
    to the customers, issuing Foreign Inward Remittances Certificates.
   Outward Remittances-Scrutinizing documents against Provisions of Exchange
    Control Regulations – Processing the transaction- Transmitting SWIFT messages to
    Foreign Banks – Issuance of Foreign Currency Drafts.
   Foreign Currency-Arranging for conversion of foreign currency through Authorized
    Money Changers.
   SWIFT –Transmitting all types of messages
   Reporting-Daily reporting of Sales and Purchases, R Returns, XOS statement,
    Monthly statement to RBI on overdue export bills, Export Refinance Statement,
    Statement of monthly turnover of Foreign Exchange Business.

Personal Memoranda:

Age                          38 years

Marital Status               Married.

Qualifications               Graduate in Commerce from University of Mumbai

                             Diploma in Computers from A-Plus Computer Education

Irene Sequeira

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