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									Forest                                          Washington                 1400 Independence Avenue, SW
Service                                         Office                     Washington, DC 20250

 File Code:   5700                                              Date:   June 28, 2010
 Route To:    (6730)

   Subject:   2010 Helicopter Rappel Program

       To:    Regional Foresters

The enclosed decision memo reinstitutes the Helicopter Rappel Program as noted in the Chief’s
letter dated February 1, 2010, (File Code 6730, “Accident Review Board Safety Action Plan on
the Willow Helibase Rappel Accident Fatality”). Prior to returning to operations, Regions must
schedule a quality assurance review through the Assistant Director Aviation Operations,
Airworthiness and Quality Assurance, as described in the enclosed decision memo, and meet the

Contact Paul Linse, Acting Assistant Director Aviation Operations, with related questions at
(202) 557-1545 or plinse@fs.fed.us.

/s/ James E. Hubbard                                /s/ Ron Hooper (for)
JAMES E. HUBBARD                                    CHARLES L. MYERS
Deputy Chief, State and Private Forestry            Deputy Chief for Business Operations


cc: Tom Harbour, Pat Norbury

                       America’s Working Forests – Caring Every Day in Every Way        Printed on Recycled Paper

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