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					                                    VOLUNTARY SECTOR FORUM
                                       20 June 2012 6.30 – 8.30pm
                               Council Chambers, Walthamstow Town Hall

     Chair:          Councillor L. Ali          Vice Chair: Sarah Humphrey - ELOP

     Councillors:   Councillor M Rusling           Officers: Claire Witney – Community Engagement Manager
                                                             Jerry Hill – Senior Voluntary Sector Officer
                                                             Joanna Edler – Voluntary Sector Officer

     Voluntary Sector:
      Dr Najeeb Ahmad – Health and Happiness                  Feroz Khan - CLaSS
       for All                                                 Sarah Kinson – VAWF
      Tim Bennett-Goodman – VAWF                              A Nazir – Health and Happiness for All
      Barbara Bishop – VAWF                                   Jeilani Mis Ba-Alawi – Waltham Forest
      Rosa Delgado – Freelance / Latin                         Somali Bravanese Action Group
       American Organisation                                   Jonathan O’Dea – Waltham Forest Dyslexia
      Kay Eilbert – NHS NELC – Public Health                   Association / cultural sector
      Lucy Geldard – Groundwork                               Enrique Saenz – VAWF
      Jo Grant - Apex Arts                                    Steve Williams – ReUse East London
      Stella Gordon – Freelance / BHF Shop                    Safuriat Yesufu – Summit 12 Enterprises
      Mohammed J Hagi-Munye – Waltham                          CIC
       Forest Somali Bravanese Action Group

1.     Apologies and introductions                                                                Actions

       Apologies were received from Mr Qureshi, Waltham Forest Asian Seniors and Bob
       Wheatley, Race Equality Council

2.     Minutes of 14 March 2012

       The minutes were agreed as an accurate record.

3.     Matters Arising

        Page 1, Item 3, Commissioned arts activities – It is not known who had been
           successful in the recent arts commissioning round – ACTION: the Community
           Engagement team will find this out

          Page3, Item 7 Olympics and local organisations – Jerry Hill has been in contact
           with the organisations commissioned by the Community Engagement team to ask
           what the impact of the Olympics will be on their services. It was acknowledged
           that there is a need for flexibility around this issue as the real impact is not yet
                                  VOLUNTARY SECTOR FORUM
                                     20 June 2012 6.30 – 8.30pm
                             Council Chambers, Walthamstow Town Hall

        There are no plans for the controlled parking zones that have been put in place for
         the Olympics to remain afterwards.

        Page 3, Item 9 Town Hall parking restrictions – Tim Bennett-Goodman thanked
         Councillor Ali for his part in the recent changes to the Town Hall parking
         restrictions. Cllr Ali congratulated the VSF on raising the issue.

4.   Young People and Unemployment – Councillor Mark Rusling

     Councillor Mark Rusling provided an update on his work with unemployment after
     speaking at the December meeting.
     Key Points:
            Councillor Rusling is the new Cabinet member for economic development and
            Work around unemployment in Waltham Forest is not limited to the Council.
            An unskilled population is the key issue – and there is likely to be a rise in
             unskilled workers and a fall in unskilled jobs. The key is to up-skill residents to
             get jobs in and outside the borough
            An Employment Unit is being set up in the Council, so far the intention is that it
             will address careers, apprentices, schools and businesses’ roles developing a
             one-stop shop and a partnership network. Councillor Rusling asked the VSF to
             contact him with any ideas for the Employment Unit and what it should do.
            Other ideas – A “Waltham Forest loan” for studies above the basic level which
             is paid back/attached to earnings/council tax and is delivered through
             Cooperative Bank/Credit Union
            More work experience opportunities delivered through the Council

            Social enterprises should be included in the Employment Unit, Cllr Rusling
             suggested a brainstorming session on how to do this.
            Olympic Legacy – how to ensure those Waltham Forest residents who gained
             temporary jobs from the Olympics are moved through into finding permanent
            Apprenticeships - Artists and small businesses and charities could be support
             to have apprenticeships with young people.
            CLaSS will be sitting in the Employment Unit and will focus on getting under
             25s into work who have been hardest hit by recession. Ofsted recently visited
             CLaSS and gave positive feedback on their apprenticeship scheme but there
             is more work to do around accessing hard to reach groups
            Childcare is a crucial aspect of unemployment and people being able to
             access jobs.

                                 VOLUNTARY SECTOR FORUM
                                    20 June 2012 6.30 – 8.30pm
                            Council Chambers, Walthamstow Town Hall

5.   Public Health – Dr Kay Eilbert, Acting Joint Director of Public Health, NHS
     North East London and the City

     Dr Kay Eilbert provided a verbal update; she had sent an update at the last meeting
     as she was unable to attend.
     Key points:
           Public health works with policies and laws to enable people to be healthy and
            make healthy choices, and looks at the regulatory system and individual’s own
            responsibility for their behaviour.
           The Public Health team work on three main areas; health improvement, health
            protection e.g. environmental health policies and service improvement. They
            are a team of 12 people and have moved into the Adult Social Services team
            (sitting in Silver Birch House)
        Issues –
           Waltham Forest is the sixth most deprived borough in London but received the
            same allocation for public health as Richmond the least deprived borough.
           The team have worked on the Health and Wellbeing Strategy, Joint Children’s
            strategy with LBWF.
           They are looking to reduce health inequalities – within and between boroughs.

           Health prevention and STIs – there is an issue around late diagnosis among
            gay men and Black African women. Kay confirmed there is no money to
            gather evidence on this but is happy to discuss how this can be addressed.
            The team are working on this issue in terms of the planning for the health
            impacts of the Olympic.
           Spatial planning and healthy living – Health is now mentioned in the spatial
            planning strategy, and a health impact assessment is required in cabinet
            reports. The public health team work closely with the sports and leisure team
            e.g. a project with Leyton Orient and 50+men
           Kay confirmed there is a link between health and deprivation.
           It was suggested that Councillor Khan the portfolio lead for health and
            wellbeing which now includes arts and culture be invited to the next meeting.
            ACTION: VSF to invite Councillor Khan to a future meeting to discuss
            this                                                                            LBWF/VAWF

6.   Olympics legacy – Tim Bennett-Goodman

           The London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) is recruiting to its new
            Quality Review Panel. Tim Bennett Goodman, chair of Voluntary Action
                                  VOLUNTARY SECTOR FORUM
                                     20 June 2012 6.30 – 8.30pm
                             Council Chambers, Walthamstow Town Hall

            Waltham Forest, is applying to be on this panel to advocate for Waltham
            Forest and has had a tour of the Park recently. (LLDC Paper attached)
           The panel will look at every element of the legacy including buildings and
            environment. The aspect most relevant to Waltham Forest is the North Park
            area which is scheduled to reopen in 2013. Tim asked for the VSF for ideas.
           Brian Kapp is on the Legacy Consultative Group and advised that there is
            some unallocated money. He also highlighted that Waltham Forest won many
            medals in swimming in the host- borough competition.
           One suggestion was that the area could be used to grow food on a
            cooperative basis and use area for educational purposes.
           Lee Valley Park – Jonathan O’Dea explained he has been working on a
            project there with sculptures made from building materials and found objects.
            There is concern that the Olympics will have a negative impact on Lee Valley
            Park due to the regeneration that is due to take place.
           Lea Bridge Station is reopening and this will bring opportunities but also
            threats. ACTION: Councillor Sullivan, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats
            in Waltham Forest sits on the Lee Valley Park authority and it was              VAWF
            agreed that he would be invited to a future VSF.

7.   A.O.B.

     There was no other business raised.

8.   Future meetings:

     The next meeting date is 5th September.
     Councillor Khan and Councillor Sullivan will be invited.


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