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									           Minutes of the Kilfinan Community Forest Company Board of Directors,
            Tighnabruaich at Burnside at 7.30pm on Monday 13th December 2010

Vanessa Barlow
David Blair
Rob Blair
Iain Gamage
Andrew Graham-Weall
Michaela Hunter
Stuart Jack
Kristin Leicht
Sara Maclean
Roger Smith

Penny Graham-Weall.

   1. Minutes of Previous Meeting
The minutes of the previous meeting on 15th November 2010 were proposed as correct by
Vanessa Barlow and seconded by Roger Smith. The minutes of a previous meeting on 4th
November 2010 in Royal Hotel were proposed as correct by Vanessa Barlow and seconded by Ian

   2. Treasurers Report
A brief report was presented by Roger Smith on the balances of the charity’s two accounts. The
Royal Bank of Scotland shows a positive balance of £12,742.97 which comprises of FOT team
wages and holds a reserve of £8021 of core funds. The Cooperative Account shows a positive
balance of £23,459.70. A more detailed report will be available at the next meeting.

    3. Operational issues
Site Preparation SubGroup Report
A report had been previously circulated around the Board with a range of proposals to be put to
the board regarding the next 3 months of CCF funding and works required in the site development.

Proposal 1:
An extention of 4 weeks to the FOT team’s contracts for two employees which would continue their
employment from 25th February to end March to enable completion of the key CCF work.

Proposal 2:
Meeting Hut specification amended due to timescales to build in timber. Purchase of a lockable
portacabin and store with open space to be roofed and decked at a later date.

Proposal 3:
Deferment of the machinery/compost shed, however Sara has spec’ed out a steel frame structure
with posts, full specifications for planning and plans available at 12m x 9m at £5204 excluding
VAT. Sara suggested we acquire this sooner due to increase in VAT rate in the New Year.

Proposal 4:
To procure an office unit (circa £3,000+VAT) to install in the forest site for staff due to imminent
end in lease from NHS Highland. Board to release £3750 budget for this.

Iain Gamage asked if we have created a Register of Assets yet. Roger volunteered to compile

4.     The Way Forward
Roger Smith outlined that a clear focus was required for our future activities and suggested the
following sub-groups.

FOT / Site Development Sub Group
Renewable Energy Development Sub Group
Future Funding Sub Group

As the development of income from renewables has now been established as being 2-3 years
away from fruition the group now need to focus on accessing grant or public funding for the next 2
years. In particular the Board need to look at immediate funding from end March onwards.

Roger suggested that an organisational framework be set out which includes each group’s Roles,
Responsibilities, Tasks, Authority and suggested reporting mechanisms. Iain Gamage commented
that receiving papers in advance greatly helped progressing the Board Meetings.

Michaela asked Roger to ensure that it was made clear that any board member with issues which
affect their ability to deliver tasks to discuss this at an early stage with other group members.
Kristin asked whether non-Board members could be involved in the sub-groups. This was agreed
and will be necessary in some instances. The board then discussed the sub-groups and it was
agreed that a Marketing & Publicity Sub Group would be beneficial.

Sub Group                Lead                      Deputy                   Other Members
FOT / Site               Stuart Jack               Sara MacLean             David Blair
Development Sub                                                             Vanessa Barlow
Renewable Energy         Iain Gamage               Kristin Leicht           Rob Blair
Development Sub                                                             Robert Borruso
Group                                                                       Roger Smith
Future Funding Sub       Michaela Hunter           David Blair              Penny?
Group                                                                       Sara (CCF)
Marketing & Publicity    Andrew Graham-Weall       Jean?
Sub Group

Each group will identify key activities to be delivered and discuss this at the next board meeting.
We need to look at opportunities over the next 2 – 3 years timeframe. Board meetings will be held
monthly with advance reports being received one week in advance. Roger confirmed that Sara
has full control of the CCF project budget which is approved to be spent to end March 2011. Any
Subgroup proposals will require to be costed and approved by the Board.

5.     Future Board Meetings
Roger suggested that the Board meet on the 2nd Monday of the month in future to ensure these
are set in our diaries in 2011.

     Mon 10th Jan, Mon 14th Feb, Mon 14th Mar, Mon 11 April, Mon 9th May, Mon 13th June,
   Mon 11 July, Mon 8th Aug, Mon 12th September , Mon 10th Oct, Mon 14th Nov, Mon 12th Dec.

Sara stressed to the Board that the CCF applications will open early in the New Year and we had
to work fast to identify activities for the next CCF phase to be able to submit a proposal.
6.     Any Other Competent Business

FOT team
Stuart Jack proposed that the FOT team require some supervision in the building of the raised
beds in the polytunnel. Costs would be £12 per hour for 2 – 3 days per week for 2 weeks.
Agreed. Stuart had spoken to FOT re Xmas celebration and Thursday 16 th Dec for a night out.
Michaela will arrange with Sean.

Xmas Trees
Andrew Graham-Weall will arrange the transport of the two Xmas trees for the community.

Community Energy Scotland
Iain Gamage updated the Board regarding his meeting with Felix White of Community Energy
Scotland. Funding for a small scoping feasibility study is available to do an outline grid-study
which will explore whether the grid can take any renewable energy developments. Felix will help
us develop and prepare a brief. CES recommended we look at Investing in Ideas or loan capital
and we need to start the community consultations now.

Michaela asked whether the board had decided on selling logs to the community. The board
agreed that the split logs were not dry enough and we should send a letter to all who have
enquired about woodfuel.

Rhodie Contracts
David updated the group on progress of applying for rhodie contracts. Dan has calculated that
£60,000 would be payable in year 1 which means 8.5 months full time work for 3 people or 13
months for 2 people. This is 100% funded but requires at least 3 months cashflow costs in

David also requested that the Board consider the purchase of a licensed copy of Mapmaker which
will be essential for any land management contracts and any renewable energy scoping

7. Meetings Actions
 ACTION                                             By whom           By when         Complete?
 Ask Geoff for quote for front office signage       David Blair
 Discuss Kings Court involvement with Ken           Vanessa                           Yes
 Draft a detailed technical specification for the   Roger Smith                       To be done
 access route from the school                                                         w/e 19 Nov
 Volunteer booklet                                  Roger + Ian       ASAP            Information
                                                                                      Recd. RS
                                                                                      to complete
 Source containers                                  Sara              ASAP
 Create Register of Assets                          Roger
 Set out framework, roles, resp etc                 Roger
 Arrange Xmas night out for FOT                     Michaela/Sean
 Arrange transportation for Xmas trees &            Andrew
 Handover FOT workplans to SubGroup                 Stuart/Sara
 Send letter to woodfuel enquiries re logs          Jean              Before Xmas
 Purchase mapmaker                                  David

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