The Quality Control Inspector’s primary function for Gooden Creekmur Construction
Company is one of the most important activities in our operations. It is through the QC
Inspector's efforts of effectively reviewing work and progress schedules that maximum
profits are attained. The Project QC Inspector must have the following qualifications:
1. An ability to thoroughly understand and follow plans and specifications in the
construction of project.
2. Leadership ability
3. Thorough knowledge of construction techniques and the imagination to derive the
most efficient method of completing a task.
4. Foresight to predict problems before they develop.
5. A conscientious attitude towards controlling job costs and adhering to progress

The Project QC Inspector reports to the QC Manager and is granted full authority to Stop
Work, if necessary.
The Project QC Inspector is directly responsible to the QC Manager for the proper
discharge of his duties. He may delegate portions of his authority to other qualified
personnel, but does not relinquish total responsibility.
The QC Inspector's principal duty is to properly inspect the work of the trades to achieve
minimum incorrect work being placed.
In order to carry out this overall duty, the following duties must be properly fulfilled:
1. Have a thorough knowledge of the plans and specifications for each project assigned.
2. Perform scheduled quality control inspections.
3. Review and record all construction progress and submit daily reports. Make out the
daily report each day, mailing it to the office each night, or sending it to the office the
following day.
4. Track progress of work in place and make note of any deviations that could potentially
delay the project. Keep a separate deficiency log for these items. Close them out as they
are corrected and describe correction made.
5. Coordinate field issues that require Owner response.
6. Notify the Contractor and Owner about any potential problems with the work in place
and stop work if necessary until the problem is corrected.
7. Maintain a good relationship with the GC, all trades, architect, and other key people
connected with the project.
8. Assist the field with any problems.
9. Review attendance each morning and record number of workers onsite each day.
10. Attend pre-construction and construction meetings, taking notes on areas that may
present a future problem and present to the Project Manager for consultation.
11. Attend, on request, all technical meetings for the purpose of discussing job progress
and problem areas.
12. Maintain close communication with Project Manager on any unforseen problems
which may develop.
The above duties are not meant to restrict initiative, but rather to define minimum
activities. These duties may be altered to suit the needs of the Company by the President.
5 years similar experience required.
Bachelors degree in Building Construction or similar requested.

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