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									John Reid's Trust Scheme 1959
(Closing Date 3rd August 2012)

The Trust exists to assist distinguished Aberdeen University graduates, preferably
with Honours, and preferably in Arts, which failing, in Science, to continue their
studies in Arts or in any other branches of higher learning at any institution outside
Scotland. Closing date for applications: 3     August 2012.

We must point out that the Trust’s funds are limited, and would not want applicants to
have unrealistic expectations.   While the level of awards varies according to the funds
available and the number of applicants, the Trust has been able in recent years to support
around three or four students embarking on courses outside Scotland, to the extent of
£800-£1500 a year. However, this level of support can no doubt make all the difference
for certain aspirants who would otherwise be unable to embark on study outside Scotland

without this assistance.

Governors of the John Reid Trust,
March 2012

The John Reid Trust Scholarships

Founded in 1902, in accordance with a bequest from John Reid, advocate in
Aberdeen. Under the Educational Endowments (Scotland) Act, 1928, a Scheme for
the future government and management of the John Reid Trust was approved by the
Order in Council dated 29 March 1935. The Scheme is now known as ‘John Reid’s
Trust Scheme 1959’ and copies may be had from the Clerks to the Scheme.

The Scholarships and Grants are open to all distinguished graduates (preferably with
Honours) in Arts at the University of Aberdeen, or, in the event of the governing body
being of opinion on the occasion of any vacancy that no graduate in Arts is of
sufficient distinction, to a distinguished graduate with Honours in Science of said
University – the object of the bequest being to assist such graduates who are
otherwise financially unable to do so ‘to continue to prosecute their studies in Literary
or Linguistic Philology, Science, the Fine Arts, or any other branches of higher learning
at any English or foreign University, College or seminary of higher learning’.

The Scholarships or grants will be of such value as the governors may in each case
determine, and will be payable by half-year instalments in advance, the second
instalment being payable upon receipt of a satisfactory report and certificate from one
of the authorities under whom holders of the scholarship or grant are prosecuting
their studies; and the governors may suspend or withhold payment if not satisfied
with their progress or conduct.

Scholarships or grants will ordinarily be tenable for one year, but may be renewed if
the governors deem such renewal to be expedient.

The governors may supplement the amount of any scholarship or grant already held
by an applicant; or in the event of a holder of a scholarship or grant from the trust
subsequently obtaining any other scholarship or grant or position or emolument, the
governors may either reduce or cancel the amount allowed by them.

In accepting a scholarship or grant, applicants come under an obligation to submit
from time to time such reports of their studies as the governors may require.

Application forms must be signed by the application and two Professors or Lecturers
of the University of Aberdeen under whom the applicants have studied during their
curriculum.   The application form must contain full and precise answers to the
questions therein set forth.

The governors may decline to award a scholarship or grant without being required to
give any reason for their decision.

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