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					Contact Name: Noel C. Green                                                   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Phone: (773) 234 – 5248

                                  WE NEED YOU!
               Two Entrepreneurs Fight for Funding, When Banks Say: NO!
Hearts pound, palms sweat, feet pace, and imaginations run wild as entrepreneurial hopefuls await the decision that,
 seemingly, will speak life or death to the realization of their dreams. So many promising entrepreneurs envision
business concepts each year but never bring them to fruition because they are not “creditworthy.” The epidemic of
       strenuous funding requirements is strangling the life-blood of American ingenuity, but all is not lost.

  In the banking industry, this activity comes as no surprise, when, as stated by Paul Merski (chief economist of the
Independent Community Bankers of America), “bankers are wary of loosening standards,” in what he called "such a
 restrictive regulatory environment." Some are trying to protect their bottom lines in order to prepare for the higher
    capital requirements proposed in Basel III: an international agreement that could soon affect the U.S. banking
     industry. So, how are entrepreneurs responding? According to Rohit Arora (CEO of Biz2Credit), community
        bankers and industry experts say small firms are avoiding debt, because they see little reason to do so.

This is a direct result of the growing popularity of crowdfunding. With websites, such as: Kickstarter and Indiegogo,
gaining traction as alternate funding resources for entrepreneurs, some are realizing they need not be subjected to the
   scrutiny of banks any longer. One such company is Gold Standard LLC: a budding, Chicago-based, marketing
  intelligence firm with an innovative social media optimization strategy. Kristina Wynne: Vice President of Gold
  Standard LLC, stated: “We have a great idea but are not creditworthy so we are directing our attentions towards
other means of funding our company.” A viewpoint her business partner shares as well, Noel C. Green: President of
  Gold Standard LLC, which stated: “with Kickstarter having raised more than $274 million for more than 28,000
                               projects, it just makes more sense to go after crowdfunding.”

 It is hard to oppose this position, as more and more entrepreneurs, from social issue advocates to tech start-ups, are
      realizing the efficacy of crowdfunding. Presently, Gold Standard LLC is in the midst of their crowdfunding
  campaign, passionately titled: WE NEED YOU! They are in need of $3,000,000 to establish operations and need
your help to accomplish this goal. So, whatever you can give is appreciated, as donation options start at $1 and go up
  to $10,000 with gifts of donor recognition to match. If you can’t give, they would like for you to spread the word
                                              about their campaign to others.
                        You can find their campaign at
                                             Donate to their campaign today!

   Gold Standard LLC is a budding, Chicago-based, marketing intelligence firm with an innovative social media
 optimization strategy that will produce higher returns on marketing investments for partnered brands, through a 3-
                         phase system, by transforming, enhancing, and empowering sales.

If you'd like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Noel Green, please call Noel Green
                        at 773/234-5248 or e-mail him at

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