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									                                          Cher’s Story

Hi Jan things are going well here still stable new scans in January but feeling good and living life to
the full getting ready for xmas as last year i was on chemo as you know is not nice .

My story starts in Oct 2008 when I was first diagnosed I had been feeling not right for a number of
years before but could find nothing wrong, it was getting hard to breath so I went to the doctor who
sent me for scans that’s when they found fluid on the lung. I had it drain off and they ran the tests,
one week later they gave the news you have 3 to 9 months to live it was very hard for me and my
husband as you know we were in total shock. We went home and my husband Neil started to
research mesothelioma we found the local asbestos association which was a great help they put as in
touch with a doctor who had great understanding of meso the only treatment available was chemo
they did not recommend surgery so after having more fluid taken out and a biopsy VATS, I had talc
put in to stop the fluid coming back which worked.

I then went on to chemo in December which was very hard as I got a embolism in the lung which
caused a lot of pain and they did not know what it was at first till the heart doctor picked it up as it
gave me a heart attack so more treatment to thin the blood and still on chemo this was my lowest
point. The second chemo was a bit better and coped a bit better in the mean time Neil had contacted
a doctor in Germany his name was Prof Vogle in Frankfurt, he found out about him through Debbie
Brewers web site and the treatment made sense to us so we sent all the scans to him he replied
straight away and said he could help us, in the mean time I was on my third session of chemo which
went ok.

Neil booked the flights for Feb and the first treatment was in early March which was
chemoembolization a direct target therapy, I had another chemo but it was taking a toll on my body so
we stop after four we had the results and the tumour had shrunk 40% so that was the first good news
we had my breathing was starting to improve. So off we set to Germany we did not know what to
expect we took this decision because after chemo there was no other options so we felt you have got
to try while you can. When we got to Germany we had a nice hotel and the people where great it was
winter a bit of a shock for us as it was so cold. We had stopped in Dubia to break the journey which
helped a lot. Anyway on a Monday in early March we saw Prof Vogle and he explained what would
happen I went in at 6am the next morning and had the treatment there was a bit of pain in the groin
area when he went in through the vein it was over in a hour and I was sent to recovery room. I had a
ct scan later to check I was ok and we went back to the hotel I was given pain killing drugs to take
with me in case of pain the next morning. I was fine Neil could not believe it we went out that day all
round Frankfurt and I was feeling ok no pain killers. The next treatment was three weeks away we
stayed in Germany and my family came over from the UK as me and Neil are from London we came
to Australia in the seventies. It was good having family there it made the time go much quicker three
weeks went quick and I was back to see Prof Vogle and get the results it was good news the tumour
had shrunk again we then had the second treatment and all went well we came back one month later
and had the third treatment and all went well the tumour had shrunk again by 85% overall and I was
felling good Prof Vogle said would we like to try laser therapy L.I.T.T as a new treatment for meso so
we said we would give it a go to finish it off so we booked the treatment for July and we went home in
June to Australia.

I started to get problems with blood clots when we got back so any one who flies long distance should
check this out they were in my leg and very painful I had to go in to hospital to get flushed out and
now on blood thinning agent so we could not go back in July. We went in August I had the laser
treatment which was a lot bigger operation I went in at 6am again the operation was very painful I was
in recovery for the whole day we got out at 8pm. I was very sore the next day but could get around
we went back the next day to see Prof Vogle he said every thing went fine and had zapped the last of
the tumour we flew home three days later it took about four weeks to recover and have been feeling
good, back to a normal life as can be. My next scans in Jan and will have to wait to see if it has come
back but at least we have options now, we are ready to travel any where in Australia there is some
good research going on just like all round the world so there has been great progress in the last five
years and all the stats are old ones and we are on new ground also the mind is a very strong tool, this
is a brief out line of our story there is a lot more detail as you can imagine so if any one has got
questions you can email me. Good to hear you have been feeling better Jan its people like you who
gives us hope by trying new treatments keep up the FIGHT Cher and Neil
                                        Cher’s Story

  Cher is in contact with Debbie and I, I have copied on her of latest emails to me in March 2012

   Hi Jan all is well here I had my last chemo on the 15 Dec and have slowly recovered I
   am now going ok and had a big shrinkage of tumours my breathing is good and little
   pain so all in all a good result i have still got a lump on my side but is small the main
   thing is I can get on with my day i go back every six weeks for check up next one is
   the 20 April I only had 3 treatments and it seems to have done the job for now it was
   very hard at the time but glad I done it and did not have to travel .Aus is like the UK
   they don’t like trying anything new it takes years to get things going it takes people
   like us to try things out and spread the word, we might get to the UK this year and
   would like to look you up if that is ok depends how this Meso holds up we have
   family all over the UK so might be passing one day that’s all for now Jan enjoy life
   and we fight on Cher xx

Painted by Cher and sent as a Present in 2008

A Symbol for Mesothelioma Warriors

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