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					                                      Facility Booking Request Form
Please complete the facility booking request form if you wish to hire ALC facilities for meetings/conferences/
functions of one day or more. Contact the Business Manager to discuss fees. The form is to be completed and
handed in to Reception or emailed to: reception@alc.edu.au

Contact information
Request from
Contact person
Contact details         Address
                        Phone                                                  Fax
Type                         Meeting         Function          Activity            Conference    Other
Group                        ALC             LCA               Other church                      Other
Name of event
Hours of use            From                       to                         Actual starting time
Send invoice to
Agenda/notices          If applicable, please attach copies to be placed on ALC notice boards and in Reception
                                      Attachment        Details/comments
Venue and facilities required
Venue/s                      L1                L3                    L4                    S1              S2
                             Chapel            Refectory             Student centre             Staff kitchen
Equipment               White board                                                                  Yes             No
                        Overhead projector                                                           Yes             No
                        Laptop/Data projector                                                        Yes             No
                        Video                                                                        Yes             No
                        Sound system                                                                 Yes             No
                        DVD                                                                          Yes             No
                        IT assistance                                                                Yes             No
                        Internet access                                                              Yes             No
                        TV                                                                           Yes             No
                        Other requirements/comments

Parking                 Required                                                                     Yes             No
                        If required, number of permits:
Catering                Required                                                                  Yes                No
                             Morning tea      Time         From               to                Number
                             Lunch            Time         From               to                Number
                             Afternoon tea    Time         From               to                Number
                          Dinner          Time    From            to                            Number
                        Details/comments including dietary requirements

Authorisation of contact person
All information given to support this request, to the best of my knowledge, is correct
Type name for electronic submission

Name/Signature                                                                      Date

QPP/AG/FBRF/11.01.01                               Amended: 25/08/11                                            Page 1 of 2
                                                Australian Lutheran College
Business office use only
Booking confirmation
Venue available                Yes               No      Comments

Catering available             Yes               No      Comments

Equipment available            Yes               No      Comments

Parking available              Yes               No      Comments

Booking approved               Yes               No      Comments
Cost due                    Facilities       $

                            Catering         $
Booking confirmed              Yes           Date                      Comments
Payment received               Yes           Date                      Receipt no.

                               No            Comments

Booking processed
ALC lecture room calendar      Updated                         Date

                            If conflicting booking, changes advised
                                                                          Yes        Date
                            to pertinent staff/students
Cards/permits issued           Parking permits                 Date

                               Visitor card/s                  Date

                               Name tags                       Date
Room/s set up                  Yes           Date

                            Appropriate staff notified, if required
                            Adjustments required                                 Yes            No
                                  Maintenance & IT contacted            Date
                                  Security arrangements set up          Date
                                  Contact person advised                Date
Other processes required

QPP/AG/FBRF/11.01.01                        Amended: 25/08/11                               Page 2 of 2
                                         Australian Lutheran College

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