EXCHANGE STUDENTS

Legislative Goal: Urge Representatives and Senators to introduce, cosponsor, and
approve legislation to increase the monthly tax deduction for families hosting exchange

Current Status: The Alliance is currently working with the House and Senate sponsors on
reintroduction of the Youth Exchange Support Act.

Legislation introduced during the 109th Congress in both the House (H.R. 1504) and Senate (S. 2272),
would increase the monthly tax deduction from $50 to $200 for families hosting foreign exchange
students. The new deduction would be indexed to the annual cost-of-living adjustment.

The Alliance is working with the sponsors of the legislation on reintroduction of the bills, and urges
Representatives and Senators to cosponsor the legislation and work for its passage in the House and
the Senate in 2007 because:

      Exchange programs are vital in today’s interconnected world to build bridges of understanding.
       Youth exchange is particularly critical as it allows young people the opportunity to gain
       exposure to American families, culture and values at a time in their lives when they form deep
       impressions. Participants take home an understanding and often an appreciation for
       America’s people, society, and values.

      The current flat $50 monthly deduction was established in the 1960’s and has never been
       modified to reflect the significantly higher expenses required of host families to maintain an
       exchange student.

      An increase to $200 per month will ease the financial burden on current host families, and
       encourage others, most of whom are middle-income families, to host an exchange student in
       the future.

While this modest increase will not fully offset the cost of hosting, it will send a clear message to
American families that our nation values their contribution to increasing international understanding,
and will encourage more families to host foreign students and thus contribute to U.S. public

 The Alliance urges Representatives and Senators to introduce, cosponsor, and support
 final passage of legislation to create a more reasonable deduction and encourage more
                             families to host foreign students.

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