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									Application FAQs
When is the application deadline?
Answer: January 1st of each year for fall admission.

Applying: May I apply for spring admission?
Answer: The department only reviews applications once a year, for fall admission. All applications materials
must be received by January 1.

Application materials: What specific application materials are required by the Department of History?
Answer: Please visit our web page for a list of items students are
required to submit. Note, some items will be submitted online, others are sent directly to the department.

What type of file extensions may I use to submit online material?
Answer: You may submit .rtf, .pdf, .doc files. Do not password protect your files.

Deferrals: A student may, with the recommendation of the degree program, defer his/her initial semester
and year of admission to the next semester in which the program is admitting students. No further deferrals
are allowed.

English Proficiency Admission Questions (Non U.S. Citizens): Information

GPA: Is there a minimum GPA?
Answer: Yes, both the Graduate College and the History Department require applicants to have a minimum
GPA of 3.0. However, to be competitive, applicants should hold the following minimum GPA: Master's 3.3
Doctoral 3.5.

Graduate College pre-requisite requirements for admission: Informaiton

Department of History admission requirements: Normally, 24 hours of previous history course work
(the equivalent of eight semester-length undergraduate courses) are required for regular admission to the
graduate program. Students with outstanding undergraduate records and GRE scores but lacking the 24
hours may be considered for admission with the stipulation that additional course work may be required to
make up for the lack of background preparation.

GRE: Is there a minimum GRE score required for admission?
Answer: Applicants must submit GRE scores (Verbal, Writing and Quantitative). The History Department
does not consider quantitative (math) scores, but students should score in the 70th percentile or above to
be competitive.Electronic scores should be sent directly to the Graduate College from the agency
administering the test. Photocopies are not acceptable. Please note the GRE test is not a Graduate College
admission requirement, it is however a History Department requirement.
GRE registration information: . GRE workshops are held on ASU's Tempe campus:

Foreign Language Requirement: Is a foreign language required for admission to the doctoral or
masters program?
Answer: Language competency is not required for admission to the graduate program for students majoring
in North American history; however some background in a foreign language is required for students
majoring in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. PLEASE NOTE: A foreign language or an advanced research
skill is required for earning a master’s or a doctoral degree.

References: Can I use letters of recommendation from professional associates?
Answer: Yes, however we prefer that you submit letters from professors of history because they can speak
to your abilities for professional study in history.

Transfer Credit: May I transfer credits from a previous institution?
Answer: In most cases, yes. Please visit the Graduate College’s web page for specific information and

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