Dealing with a Foreclosure During Bankruptcy by GeAb2hXa


									Dealing with a Foreclosure During Bankruptcy

One of the increasingly common issues that debtors are facing in the bankruptcy process is whether
they must pay additional funds on foreclosed properties. Foreclosures are creating all sorts of difficulties
for debtors who are dealing with bankruptcy. If you have a property that is in foreclosure or about to
enter foreclosure, then you should meet with a bankruptcy lawyer to discuss the options that you have
for dealing with your debt situation. A bankruptcy lawyer will help you understand your rights as a
debtor, and he or she will also be able to provide you with a time frame for how much time you will
have to avoid the ultimate foreclosure of your property in bankruptcy.

Some people ultimately decide that they want to file for bankruptcy in order to avoid the foreclosure of
a property. The reason people are able to avoid bankruptcy is because they receive an automatic stay if
they file for bankruptcy. An automatic stay is an automatic injunction and acts as a powerful way to stop
creditors from contacting a debtor. Creditors must also stop attempting to collect from a debtor once
the automatic stay has been filed until the time a Motion for Relief is filed and granted.

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