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                            645 Pine Street
                      Minutes – November 2, 2005

Commissioners Present:                     Commissioners Absent:
Alberry, Bob                               Cicchetti, Margaret
Baker, Jason                               Shenton, Jonathan
Drescher, Michael
Dugan, Donald
Padgett, Jeffrey

1    Agenda

        Agenda was accepted.

2    Public Forum


3    Red Light Photo Enforcement

        Cpl. Philip Small, Traffic Enforcement Office for the Burlington Police Dept. is
        to introduce a pilot program a concept of enforcement, talk about possible
        solutions and receive feedback.

        The Streets of Burlington:
            Thousands of cars and trucks
            7 main arteries to Burlington
            Leading to approximately 375 streets
            40 major intersections

        Results from a survey of Burlington citizens’ indicated that the #1 concern is
        traffic safety and enforcement. In response to the survey B.P.D has
        increased traffic patrols, conducted public awareness campaign, and
        increased enforcement. The result is that the speeds have decreased as well
        as the number of accidents.

        Automated Video Enforcement is an additional tool to make the intersection
        safer with:
            24/7 remote system monitoring
            Collision Avoidance safety features
            Deterrent against traffic violations

        The view of the approach angle (using high resolution video) and the
        departure of the intersection which includes the color of the traffic light. This
        system will be used as a deterrent to bring down the accidents rates at
        problem intersections. City Council would have the option to cancel or
        authorize the development the program.
      Baker commented about seeing a timer at the traffic lights that counts down
      the time it will take to turn red and also counts down to green. Also expressed
      concern about privacy issues. Cpl. Small responded by saying that this would
      be used for enforcement only, instead of having an officer at the intersection
      there would be cameras instead.

4   Proposed Amendments to Chapter 12

      Baldwin, Assistant Director Technical Services and Burlington Electrical
      Inspector Shelley Warren, stated that they would like to propose four
      amendments to Chapter 12 of the Burlington Code of Ordinances.

            The amendment to Sec. 12-60 is being proposed at the request of
             the Public Works Commission to clarify that a Journeymen
             electrician may wire a single family owner occupied home.
            The amendment to Sec. 12-38 is being proposed to provide a written
             requirement that reflects our enforcement that a licensed
             representative of the contractor attends electrical inspections.
            The amendment to Sec. 12-58 is being proposed to provide a written
             statement regarding the electrical licensing requirements to perform
             electrical installations in all buildings in the City. Currently, Chapter
             12 adopts the State licensing requirements, which do not apply to
             single family and two family homes. Chapter 12, Sec. 12-24 requires
             a license to apply for a permit, but there is no language that applies
             to who may do the work other than the adoption of the State
             licensing requirements.
            Sec. 12-4 is a new section, which is being proposed to reflect the
             wiring requirements for the inner fire district. Currently, we only have
             the requirements of Chapter 8, sec. 8-10 which doesn’t specifically
             address non-combustible wiring methods, but only refer to non-
             combustible construction. This requirement for non-combustible
             wiring methods (metal conduit, metal clad cables, etc.) has
             historically been enforced based on the requirements of Chapter 8,
             but it would be helpful to clarify its application to wiring in Chapter 12.

      Clarification regarding Sec. 12-58 and the current acceptance of non
      licensed people, wiring buildings: Staff proposed enforcing the section as
      written or deleting it from Chapter 12, and continuing to allow helpers the way
      the State does. The Commission supported enforcing this section as written.
      The commission stipulated the condition that the contractors would be given
      adequate notice and the change would only affect work done on permits
      drawn after the date on the announcement.

      Commission also requested clarification that Journeymen electricians may
      obtain permits for work done in owner occupied, single family homes.

      Dugan stated that section 12-22b (the ordinance exempted the permitting
      and licensing requirements for wiring under 50 volts) should be eliminated
      because it’s in conflict of the State code.
       Padgett moved to accept staff recommendations. Baker second.
       Unanimously approved.

5   Transportation Projects Update

       Bradley, DPW Transportation Planner stated that he would like to update the
       commission of 3 transportation projects.

       Hydrogen Fueling Facility – The City is partnering with EVermont on a
       demonstration project exploring the use of Hydrogen as a renewable
       transportation fuel. This station will use electricity – generated by Burlington
       Electric Department’s wind turbine – to split purified water into hydrogen and
       oxygen. The hydrogen will then be compressed and stored on site, and
       dispensed into a vehicle modified to run on hydrogen. The vehicle, a Prius,
       can be described as running entirely on wind power, using hydrogen as an
       energy carrier.

       The project has received zoning permits. EVermont and its partner, Northern
       Power, have engaged a contractor and are pursuing their construction
       permits. The DPW agreement with EVermont will be in the form of a three
       year lease valued at ~10,000.00. Construction will commence as soon as
       weather permits and should last approximately six weeks. If that were not
       possible, they would just do the site work and come back in the Spring to
       install and begin the demonstration project.

       Natural Gas Fueling Facility – The original RFP went out and the responses
       came back a higher dollar amount than anticipated. Made some changes and
       reissued a RFP. Proposals are due November 28th, and hope to award a
       contract by mid-December. The target date of commissioning this facility is
       June 1, 2006. UVM has submitted their purchase orders for the initial two
       vehicles and sometime this summer determine what level of capacity is
       needed for the remaining six vehicles. In the near future we will be back for
       approval to proceed with the project.

       South End Neighborhood Transit Center – This will be a park and ride
       located behind Sears Lane. The City’s consultants, Vanasse Hangen and
       Brustlin (VHB) are finishing work on the feasibility study and environmental
       documentation for this proposed structured parking and transit facility and
       associated amenities – site improvements, site organization, and streetscape
       improvements. The City is partnering with the Campus Area Transportation
       Management Association (CATMA) and the CCTA in the planning and
       development of this facility. We anticipate utilizing earmarked funds
       administered by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and matched locally
       by CATMA to complete this project.

       There have been two very well attended neighborhood meetings and a
       presentation to the City Council is scheduled for November 21st. V.H.B. is
       scheduled to finish their work in early December. Then return to the City
       Council for approval to draw down Federal Transit funds and to contract the
       design for the facility.
       Goodkind explained the latest possible changes to the Southern Connector
       project. It will be presented at the City Council Meeting on November 21st.

6   North St & North Willard St – 4 Way Stop

       Bradley, DPW Transportation Planner, stated that in response to the
       Commissions request to review neighborhood communication regarding the
       4-way stop conversion from a signalized intersection. Included in the memo
       to commissioners:
            A timeline of events (neighborhood and staff meetings, Commission
             approvals and directives)
            Copies of the notifications and communications to residents
            Staff recommendations and warrant studies
            The petition signed by residents of the affected streets, including
             corner households and intersected affected.

       Alberry suggested that the appropriate City Councilor of the affected ward be
       notified of any proposed changes.

7   Blanket Ordinance Driveway Parking Prohibition

       Baldwin, Assistant Director Technical Services, reminded the commission
       that there is an issue of people parking too close to driveways. There is an
       associate risk for those exiting their driveways, and attempting to enter the
       traffic stream of the adjoining street section. Additionally, many of the
       residential parking requests we receive are precipitated by the real need to
       gain safe reasonable access to the person’s property. After examining and
       researching this issue, staff would propose that the department pursue the 5
       foot driveway prohibition, and that staff enter into a dialogue with the police
       department and the city attorney’s office. In addition present this proposal to
       all of the NPA’s and the City Council Transportation, Energy, and Utilities
       Committee, seeking their input and comments. At the end of that process,
       report back to the commission (within 90 days) seeking a decision by the
       DPW Commission to amend, accept or reject the proposal.

       Padgett suggested that enforcement be complaint driven. Dugan also
       expressed concern with the cost of striping the parking spaces. Baldwin
       explained that striping could occur only in the areas where parking demand is
       excessive and that striping would only be a supplement of signs, the
       ordinance, etc.

8   Snow Fighting Program

       Goodkind, DPW Director stated that each year staff provides the City Council
       with a report on the upcoming snow-fighting program. In the last 4 years the
       communication consists of an explanation of the practices and policies as
       well as a listing of equipment and personnel involved.

       After undertaking the a comprehensive review of the program, the changes
        are as follows:
           1. Nine additional snow lights will be added to the system, targeting
               chronic areas.
           2. Deal with the problem of understaffing, keep 6 temporary employees
               from the summer program, and offer over-time to other City
           3. Have more spare vehicles available as back up.
           4. Attempt to reduce the route cycle times from 5 –7 hours to 4-6 hours.
           5. Pre-salting using treated salt designed to stay on the road longer.
           6. Managing storms by 2 person teams rather than 1 manager.
           7. Upgrade weather forecasting software.
           8. Improve accident-reporting procedures.
           9. Training the first week of November.

9    Street Capital Program

        Goodkind stated that the current Street Capital Program, while doing good
        work, is under-funded. This means that at the rate of spending, we are not
        keeping up with the overall rate of deterioration of the system. It also means
        that if we set the priority as streets with the most traffic, with our limited funds,
        we may never get to the many neighborhood streets that need attention. In
        the presentation there is a 5-year plan/5-Year Future/Problem Side Streets
        map, a Pavement Life Cycle chart, Pavement Commission Index (PCI) Chart.

        Various revenue options were discussed; ranging from a bond specifically
        to pay for neighborhood street repairs to be paid back by the Street
        Program over 20 years, another increase in the dedicated tax or a shift in
        policy allowing all paving money to be spent on the neighborhood streets
        for x years until that demand is met.

        This proposal will be presented to the City Council Transportation, Energy
        and Utilities Committee.

        Alberry suggested presenting the Commission with a chart showing the
        funding and spending for each program within the Street Capital Program.

10   Update on Siphon Replacement Program

        Goodkind stated that the original schedule did have some slack in it and that
        the project construction would be further along by now. There was some
        unexpected archaeological finds on the site. G.W. Savage, the general
        contractor has been doing some site work, but Michaels which is the
        company that will do the directional boring, will do the majority of the work.
        They will drill/bore under the river a minimum of 20 feet beneath the riverbank
        and install a high-density polyethylene pipe. They will start work on-site on
        November 7th, drilling will last 3-4 weeks providing no problems arise.
        Meanwhile, the general contractor will be preparing the connections on both
        sides of the riverbanks by which this bored pipe will be connected to the
        original siphon. Construction will continue with schedule completion by the
        end of the year.
        Presented was a price comparison of the basic elements of the project
        showing the engineers estimates, contractors bid and quantities.

11   October Monthly Budget

        Reports were just received and handed out at the meeting. Goodkind is
        watching the Street Dept. budget – revenue vs. expense not doing as well as
        last year.

12   Minutes of 10/5/05

        Cannot approve the minutes, due to attendance of the commissioners.

13   Chairs’ Report


14   Directors’ Report

               Leaf pick-up postponed one week. Leaves haven’t completely fallen
               Bid proposal was advertised for repairs on the Wyndham garage with
                bids due on December 1, 2005 and a project start date of April 2006.

15   Commissioner’s Communication

               Padgett asked if staff is still working on traffic calming on Prospect
                Pkwy. Baldwin stated that a neighborhood meeting is scheduled to get
                a decision/direction of how they want to proceed.
               Alberry asked if the Lakeview Garage will open on time. Goodkind
                stated that there are problems with the electrical systems – and the
                garage should open before Thanksgiving or shortly after.

16   Committee Reports


17   Policy Update


18   Adjournment

        Padgett moves to adjourn. Dugan second, unanimous.

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