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									Job Title:                 MANAGEMENT TRAINEE (SALES)
Business:                  TWEA
Location:                  Bury St Edmunds
Reports to:                Line Managers
Main Interfaces            Directors / Line Managers


The aim will be to equip the Trainee with an appreciation of the Company’s overall business and an
in-depth knowledge of a specific function within that business. Thereafter, and subject to the
Trainee’s performance and a suitable vacancy, it will also be the intention to employ the Trainee in
an appropriate permanent position within the Sales Department.

                                          Key Activities
Training Progression

       The Trainee will spend the first six months in the Sales Department.
       Thereafter, the Trainee will spend one month in each of the Technical, Production,
        Commercial and Finance departments in order to gain a broad view of the Company’s
        business and to become familiar with its practices and terminology.
       The Trainee’s progress will be reviewed regularly by the relevant Line Manager and formally
        by appraisal at six monthly intervals.
       It is expected that the Trainee will continue their academic learning by undertaking a
        recognised and relevant training course at a local college. Exam results and college reports
        will be reviewed at the appropriate time, and continuing employment will be dependant upon
        satisfactory results.

                                         Key Competencies

       Strong written and verbal communication skills
       Comfortable with mathematics and working with numbers generally
       A good /proven level of literacy and numeracy
       Ability to organise and multi task
       Ability to manage time efficiently and effectively
       Need to be thorough
       Good negotiation skills
       Ability to meet short or long term deadlines
       Attention to detail and accuracy
       High level knowledge of Word, Excel and PowerPoint
       A can-do attitude
       A desire to succeed in one of the UK’s most successful house-building companies
       A highly-focussed, goal-orientated individual with ambition and personal drive

                                          Job Overview

     Assist in processing elements of Sales Department function including administration and
      organisation tasks
     Provide office-based support to all members of the sales team
     Undertake responsibility for updating forecast reports
     Put together presentations for delivery to the sales team and other departments
     Support Sales Director in gathering of information and data input
     Assist with the production of sales literature
     Ad hoc duties as required#

    The Trainee may be requested to fulfil the role of Deputy IT Coordinator. This role would
    require the following:
      Troubleshooting general desktop I.T. & general Telecomms issues & reporting to Helpdesk
       when as and when necessary.
      Knowledge of Windows XP and Office 2003.
      Understanding of I.T. procedures/protocols and terminology.

If you wish to be considered for this role then please apply to Daly Clarke at closing date for applications is 10th September 2012.

Please advise your Line Manager if you are applying for this role.

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