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					OData Technical Committee Kick-off
                     July 26, 2012
 • TC Process Overview
 • Recommendations for Spec

07/26/2012       OASIS Presentation to OData TC   2
TC Process Overview
 • TC Process is created by OASIS Board, carried out by TC
 • Job of TC Administration
        Support activities of OASIS members
        Turn TC Process guidelines into practical rules
        Communicate procedures & best practices to TCs
        Represent TC interests to Board
        Improve tools & support for members
        Recommend improvements to process itself

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Work Product Lifecycle
  Your work products will progress through the
   following stages for a Standards Track Work
       1.    Working draft (no official standing)
       2.    Committee Specification Draft
       3.    Committee Specification Public Review Draft
       4.    Committee Specification
       5.    Candidate OASIS Standard
       6.    OASIS Standard
       7.    Approved Errata
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Work Product Lifecycle
  Stages for a Non-Standards Track Work Product:
       1. Working draft (no official standing)
       2. Committee Note Draft
       3. Committee Note
  Non-Standards Track Work Products are non-
   normative and are not implemented – educational
   papers, marketing collateral, etc.
  Administrative documents (meeting minutes, etc.)
   must be maintained on OASIS-provided systems

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Work Product Lifecycle

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Making contributions
  TC members may contribute existing or new work to
     the TC for consideration in its work
       TC is under no obligation to do anything with it
       Contribution only gives OASIS non-exclusive right to use
             and republish. Full rights remain with the contributor
  Process is simple:
     Load contribution to TC’s document repository
     Send email to the TC mailing list announcing the
      contribution and including a link to the uploaded file

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Contacts with TC Admin
             Activity                         Timeframe                 TCA Interactions
 Working Draft                      Up to TC                        Request WD template

 Approve Committee Spec / Note      Up to TC                        Request CSD/CND upload
 Draft                                                              (optional)
 Public Review                      CSD: 30 days 1st /              Request public review
                                    15 days subsequent
                                    CND: 15 days
 Approve Committee                  After final public review       Request Special
 Specification / Note                                               Majority ballot
                                                                    Upload & announce CS
 Approve Candidate OASIS            After Committee Specification   Request Special
 Standard                                                           Majority ballot
 Public review                      60 days                         Announce results

 Membership vote                    After public review             Launch membership ballot

 OASIS Standard                     After successful ballot         Upload & announce OS

07/26/2012                 OASIS Presentation to OData TC                                      9
TC Process Overview
 Some other things to keep in mind:
 • TCs run on Roberts Rules of Order, including its
   requirements for quorum
 • To vote, you must maintain meeting attendance
      •      Gain rights at first meeting or after attending two
             consecutive meetings
      •      Lose rights by missing two consecutive meetings
             unless during a leave of absence

07/26/2012             OASIS Presentation to OData TC              10
Starting a Working Draft
  Except for custom publishing systems, working drafts
   are done in either .doc or .odt formats
  First step is to request a starter document / template
   from TC Admin
       Captures all metadata
       TC Admin determines the file names and URLs
       Ensures that TC Admin can handle publishing your work
  Request ticket is at https://www.oasis-
07/26/2012             OASIS Presentation to OData TC       12
Managing Your Working Draft
  The first draft will be labeled Working Draft 01 in the
     starter document and –wd01 on the filename
       Each revision should be incremented (e.g. 02, 03)
       Working drafts should be stored in the TC’s document
       If your spec contains multiple files (e.g. wsdls, schemas)
        all the content should be zipped into a single file and
        loaded into Kavi

07/26/2012         OASIS Presentation to OData TC                    13
Managing Your Working Draft
  Use only alphanumeric characters, period and hyphen
   in filenames. Do not use underscore or any other
   punctuation characters
  Review the Naming Directives at http://docs.oasis-
   for other considerations
  Feel free to consult with TC Admin on how best to
   organize your specification and its components

07/26/2012     OASIS Presentation to OData TC            14
General Notes
  Do not change the styles defined in the template.
   Doing so can cause problems when TC Admin
   prepares to publish your specification
  Links to other components should be relative to the
   specification document’s location
       TC Admin will prepare PDF and HTML
  Graphics are best prepared in a separate product and
   linked into the draft as JPGs or PNGs
  If your spec will have multiple parts, consult with TC
   Admin on naming and organization
07/26/2012       OASIS Presentation to OData TC             15
Approving a Working Draft
  Make sure required sections are in the specification
     Normative & non-normative references sections
     Acknowledgements section
     Conformance section (if going to public review)
     Separate plain-text files for any normative computer
      code files included in the document
  Combine all components that are part of the Draft (e.g.
     narrative files, schemas, examples) into a ZIP file and
     load the file to the TC’s document repository

07/26/2012        OASIS Presentation to OData TC               16
Approving a Working Draft
  Vote can be by motion in a regular meeting or by
     electronic ballot
       If by motion, make sure the motion language and vote is
        recorded in the meeting minutes
       If by e-ballot, must run minimum 7 days
  Motion language must include name and version
   number of the work product and the link to the ZIP
  After approval, enter appropriate tickets for TC Admin
   using the same ZIP file link
07/26/2012        OASIS Presentation to OData TC              17
Approving a Working Draft
  Approvals may not be contingent on “final edits” or
   other changes
  The file the TC approves must be the same as the file
   linked in the TC Admin ticket

07/26/2012      OASIS Presentation to OData TC             18
Managing Public Reviews
  Comments may only be accepted via the TC’s –
   comment@ mailing list. No other inputs can be
  Chairs should subscribe to –comment@ list. TC should
   designate someone to subscribe and manage
  All comments must be acknowledged. All comments
   must be tracked and a log maintained of all comments
   and the TC’s decisions on their resolutions

07/26/2012     OASIS Presentation to OData TC         19
Resources for the TC
  TC Administration home page - https://www.oasis-

       Provides links to documentation, forms and updates on
             TC Admin work queue
  TC Process interactive flow chart - https://www.oasis-

       Provides Gantt chart of process steps with links to
             documentation and forms

07/26/2012               OASIS Presentation to OData TC                   20
Resources for the TC
  TC Admin support request forms - https://www.oasis-

       Used to submit requests for TC Admin actions e.g.
             starting a public review
  OASIS TC Process - https://www.oasis-open.org/policies-guidelines/tc-

       Basic policy document on which all rules and procedures
             are based
  Naming Directives - http://docs.oasis-

       Rules for constructing filenames, etc.
07/26/2012               OASIS Presentation to OData TC                    21
Resources for the TC
  TC Admin How-To Guide - https://www.oasis-

       Instructions on how to work within the OASIS TC
             Process with links to additional documentation, forms,
  TC Admin JIRA work queue - https://tools.oasis-

       List of open support request tickets that TC Admin is

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